Thursday, March 02, 2006

Off The Subject: Idol Chatter

Did I tell you that I'm an American Idol junkie?

Well, in previous years, I've tried to cover the phenomenal seasons of American Idol (AI) on the Prayze Report. And this year, Season 5, is no exception. Especially when I get my eye on some real talent. But let me just get straight to the point. This year, the guys are very impressive and knocking da gals out of the ballpark. Sorry, but it's true.

When you mix sex appeal with good vocals, you got yourself a winner. Heartthrob Ace Young is already proving that. And while he's definitely winning a popular fanbase with the ladies (and the guys), it's probably evident that he will be one of the last guys standing in this competition. If not, he just may be crowned the winner.

But the serious attraction, vocally, is a white boy with soul. And boy, when I can say he can "sang", he can do just that. Elliot Yamin has the voice of a R&B legend I mean seriously. When he sings, he sends me through rings of excitement and sheer delight. If there's anyone on this show I am ready to hear on radio right now, it would be this guy. Amazingly, he has taking a good spin at the R&B/soul material and has selected good songs to showcase his virtuoso vocal skills...the boy can even rip and run. So it's no doubt he will probably make a good R&B record, even though he may fall into the pop category as well since he's also...hmmm...light-skinned. LOL. He just doesn't have the look. Kinda gritty and, oh yeah, them, toofs. Reminds me of the Amish Invades R&B. But yeah, he definitely has the voice of the entire competition. Jon B, move ovah' quick!

I am from and currently live in Birmingham and I know that alot of people are expecting for me to root for Taylor Hicks (Mr. Soul Patrol). He's a good singer and is the only white guy in this competition serious enough to go for the old soul stuff. You know, Ray Charles, Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Al Green. Taylor has the voice of a young Michael McDonald, and the look of him as well. Grey hair. But I'm not pulling for another Birmingham superstar. Alot of talent is in this area, and people are just noticing that for some strange reason. But with Bo Bice still heating up Sweet Home Alabama and Ruben Studdard being crowned a winner in the AI series, I think it would be unfair to see another Alabama-based singer take home the crown. So while Taylor is cool with me, I don't think he will be going home with the crown. But expect him to release an album. That's a sure thang.

Now the girls have been slacking in my opinion. But Mandisa Hundley (that's her last name according to FOX sources) is a sheer powerhouse. She's a good mix of Loletta Holloway, Jennifer Holiday and a tiny sprinkle of Chaka. While many may fall away from her because of her weight, I think she's just right for the competition. It's about the talent, and she surely has the vocals to win anyone over. You will be seeing her in the end. Awesome talent!

Chris Daughtry (the white guy with the bald head) has also been quite convincing. While I'm not a fan of rock music, I will say that the boy is an expert in stage presence. He surely commanded the stage last night; proving that he wants to win this competition. And he's not a bad singer, just a serious yeller. Don't think he's going to do an R&B song until they pull out the Motown hits, but Chris is okay with me. For now.

I don't know what happened with Jose "Sway" Penala last night. Um, he just didn't bring it. He has surely proved that he has the chops and the pipes to own a stage, but he just didn't connect the song with the audience in my opinion. I also thought he was scared of something.

Gedeon just scares me. Don't know why. I must give him props on this, he definitely has some pearly whites. Don't his smile remind you of Gospel's Lonnie Hunter.

Now who needs to go home (tonight)? I think crooner Will Makar (whom sung a Frank Sinatra tune in the key of "ouch") , Heather Cox (why did she sing "Hero") , Alley Cat Brenna Gethers (whom destroyed the potential of a great performance with the good music on Donna Summer's "Last Dance") and goofy-nerdy Kevin Covais (whom literally killed Marvin Gaye's "Grapevine") will be checking out of the AI hotel. Definitely not radio material and not good enough for an album release in the near future. And yeah, the rest of the girls may need to pack as well. Yikes, where is the passion?

Sorry about the delay and the shortage of pictures. Maybe more next week.

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Ashleigh said...

I think you hit the nail on the head here. The guys are definitely ruling this season. In the beginning I though Paris was gonna be the girl to watch, but she is just not doing it for me- Mandisa is holding it DOWN! I love Elliot and Chris is introducing a new group of people to rock music; and I love what he did with that Stevie Wonder song. The guys are definitley gonna take it this year.

P.S. Gideon, is kinda scary. And can you believe he is still in High School?


Anonymous said...

Dude, ARE YOU watching the same competition I am? The guys are good no doubt, but PARIS! The final will be Chris/Elliot vs. Mandisa/Paris(or Lisa, who knows?)A girl will emerge victorius for the third year in a row, just watch...