Thursday, January 20, 2005

Reaction to the Stellars

Well, they are over. And of course many people have not seen the telecast yet; expect for it to go up from now til' February (Black History Month). Check your local television listings for airings.

But I barely watch the Stellar Awards and I have my reasons. To me, it's all fake. All of it is. It's not really about's about them and their accomplishments. So the whole evening is really just performance in my opinion. But even though I respect such an organization because of their ability to promote higher excellence in gospel music, I am also devasted because of their failure to acknowledge the individuals thathave endured the test of time with music that ministers to the soul.I am very shocked, yet excited to know that Israel & New Breed and Martha Munizzi, who are triumphing on the Billboard Gospel Charts and sold more units than Tonex' put together, received a few awards(3 all together). But why is Tonex' everywhere. I feel it's like this...At one time, the Stellars didnt even acknowledge Tonex' too much. Now they want to since Tonex' changed his image and decided to do a lil' more churchy music (lol). But as for awesome artists like Lisa McClendon and Rev. Timothy Wright and Jonathan Nelson and New Birth Total Praise Choir and Tye Tribbett and Ricky Dillard (New G) and Martha Muinzzi and a few others; who have represted well - they barelyreceived any recognition.

Of course, things will be totally different at the Grammys!!!

But I'm devasted to know that the Stellars is our only gospel award celebration - and that it is missing the mark in awarding the REAL artists. The artists that truly deserve their share of credit. Amazing, if you follow sales alone, popularity and even touring, Israel and Martha ARE HOT! They are hotter than HOT! They were headliners at the Chicago Gospel Festival this year - not Tonex', not Bishop Paul Morton - not And they are not that bad to book. Tonex' was scheduled to appear in my hometown not to long ago and was on a B-side bill - and appeared with artists like Dorothy Norwood, Natalie Wilson and Byron Cage. And yet, none of those artists I mention received awards either (lol). I truly believe thr real winners were the nominees. Plan and simple. The one the award went to - they are what I will call the "Stellar's stellars". I'm hoping this year the Grammys will prove who the real winners are.

And you also know why I don't like the Stellars roo much, they didn't even give a Stellar to the late Thomas Whitfield. He was always nominated in the categories with the Thompson Community Singers and they couldn't give him one award. But it's OK. Tommy got his And then the Stellars wanted to give a James Cleveland Excellence Award to him after he cute!