Monday, February 27, 2006

Preaching The Gossip

Well, in the last couple of weeks, the infamous PRAYZEHYMN praze report (blog) has been labeled the gospel industry's gossip spot. Not a good image for a blog that reports various subjects, events, and covers artists, album releases, promotions and other goodies within gospel music and abroad. Not only that, has been known to report the facts. But one of the most craziest reports to hit the Internet without seeing any coverage from the PRAYZEHYMN Offical Blog (exclude the many questions on the Message Board) is the false reports from an unknown and unfamiliar media source from reporting Hezekiah Walker would be stepping down as pastor because of a person's accusations of his sexual orientation.

The reports were revealed to be false and Pastor Hezekiah Walker, who is known by many as the "Pastor of Hip Hop" and manages the Love Fellowship Tabernacle in New York, spoke regarding the craziness. Don't believe it? Well, check it out for yourself.

Regardless of what, being a freelance writer and one whom has studied the in's and out's of essays, articles and press releases, I basically knew the article was a hoax. Now, whether any of the information is totally fabricated or partially factual, it has yet to be seen. But the article didn't mention any valuable sources, didn't quote any statements from Walker at all and didn't even feature the writer of the article's name. So sad.

Journalism can be a b****. In this case, we have seen how bad and how terrible the media can be. What's even depressing is how the saints jump on the bandwagon to entertain such gossip. And to set the record the straight, PRAYZEHYMN and this blog in particular reports the news. If it's in the media, that's what I report. Whether one likes it or not. But I urge the believers in Christ Jesus to continue pressing toward the mark. Let's preach the good news; the Gospel. And don't be ashamed of it either.

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