Thursday, March 16, 2006

Malcolm Williams Spotlight

It's no secret to say that gospel artists, in modern times, must work even harder to reach the top. And while success comes with a great price, some tend to make the job look easier than others. Malcolm Williams is one that has struggled to reach the point he's at now, but he has done in the public's eye with a moderate ease. Still many question who he is, what label he's on, what is his brand of ministry and other questions as he treads the ongoing path to household recognition. With two great independent projects "Renew Me" and "Gotta Make It" and writing compositions for Dottie Peoples, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Mark Hubbard and the GMWA Mass Choir proving just how talented this brother really is, Malcolm Williams is striving to reach that point.

His latest project, "Walking In My Destiny" is a familiar set of traditional choir tunes and contemporary gospel jams that feature Great Faith's commanding background vocals during a staged live recording session in Chicago, Illinois. Williams pens most of the material and directs the choir; proving that he's still in the running to becoming America's Next Ricky Dillard. And with guest appearances from DeAndre Patterson, Paula Payden-Champion and the remarkable voice of Kim McFarland, the album is sealed with enough energy to invade a Sunday Morning church service. And on the Univocal Records, a new and innovative independent label headed by former EMI Gospel associate Shawn Tate, it's probably evident that this star is heading in the right direction.

Cuts like "Everything That Has Breath" and "All To Jesus" reminds us of Ricky Dillard's style, while "Due Season" and "God Can" reminds us of the glory days of the Thompson Community Singers. And "I've Got A Right" is just straight-up churchy. You can easily see how the sounds of Chicago has influenced this young brother's craft. Like him or not, Williams is on the move to keeping good church-choir music alive.

And also based off of the selected photo shots, you can also see he could have easily been a model. Move over Lonnie Hunter!

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mocah70 said...

I guess this is a testimony. Every time I buye MALCOLM WILLIAMS cd it disapears out of my car.Yes I spread the word back this way about the cd but they are taking mines. So this week will be the last time I will go an purchase my 7TH MALCOLM WILLIAMS CD. MOCAH70 GIVING A SHOUT OUT FROM BATON ROUGE,LA.

mocah70 said...

I forgot to tell you,You did this
cd Min.Malcolm Williams. And when does the DVD comes out? It was such a blessing to me. Okay so my MOM took the first one she likes CHICAGO BUMP. MY MOM IS IN HER 70'S, LATE 70'S. But she is my choir president. Keep up the good work.Mocah70