Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Juvenile Delinquents

The state of Alabama has a well-known history of excessive criminal behavior towards religious or sensitive groups. Of course, many states probably experience this kind of craziness as well, but none as popular and as publicized as Alabama. After the big fiasco centered around the segregation lifestyle of the 1960s and the Civil Rights Movement, the press has always enjoyed their coverage of the rural way of life in Alabama. And today should be no different.

Announced early Wednesday morning on March 8, 2006, two men (Russell Debusk, Benjamin Moseley) were arrested in connection with a spate of fires that damaged or destroyed at least ten Alabama churches and a third suspect was being sought. All three suspects are white college students. And with a big awe or surprise, it has also surfaced that two of the suspects attended Birmingham-Southern College; a popular Southern Christian university. Another big sidenote: two of the guys have residence in Hoover, Alabama: a well-known suburb south of Birmingham mostly dominated by whites (goes to show you there's a such thing as white-on-white crime). The FBI is still investigating to see if these horrible acts would be considered hate crimes under the Church Arson Prevention Act. And to clear up any potential discerpensies, the attacks did not appear to be racially motivated since some of the churches had majority white congregations and some had majority black congregations.

But it should be clear, whatever the punishment is, it needs to be severe. Even if the crimes were committed by white juveniles. Goodness, ten church fires ain't no joke.


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