Friday, March 31, 2006

Anthony Hamilton: Gospel-style

One good listen to Anthony Hamilton's silky soulful voice and you are bound to fall in love with his delivery, his passion of music and the uniqueness of the total package. He has captured the minds of new soul converts with his engaging choice of power-packed lyrics upon moving melodies like "Charlene" and "Comin' From Where I'm From". And while riding on cloud nine of success, he has released yet another project entitled "Ain't Nobody Worryin'"; which is strengthened by the lead single "Can't Let Go". Picking up the project is a definite good thing - while enjoying what he does best, you can find Hamilton pouring out his spirituality on two cuts. "Everybody" grooves with an irresistible Bob Marley-influenced bounce soaked in inspiring words. "Everybody needs love in their life/Everybody needs a little sun to shine/Shine down on me, on me". Loving that? Well, dig the even-better "Pass Me Over", which expresses Hamilton's views of our falling society filled with pain, depression, poverty and fear. But he expresses "His Word is what kept me"..."lay your burdens down"...and "if you catch me dreaming, please don't wake me til I'm done, just leave me sleeping til the morning comes. Just pass me over, make believe I'm not there, just leave me be, until the Savior comes". While the lyrics are strong enough to shed a tear, the music is full of gospel-tinged sensation. Kelvin Wooten, whom has worked with Huntsville's best like Jamel Strong and is one of Alabama's seasoned musicians, produces the track and lays down a very good foundation at that.

It's always good to hear a person express their faith and their love for God in their music - especially when it's coming from someone who knows what real soul music is. Anthony Hamilton may have won the affections of the soul music's fans, but he has surely expressed his gratitude to the "real" soul music. Bless the Lord, O my soul...


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