Monday, April 03, 2006


Seems like the webmaster at decided to take things up a notch. The site now features new extensions and more appealing graphics for the eyes. It almost feels like there is hours of content to look at. For years, besides the reposted press kit bios from the music labels, the format at mostly surrounded RealAudio from mainstream and independent artists, album reviews from the NBG gang and an extensive album releases page which also features album covers and release dates. Now, the site boasts more content and cool pages to view including the irresistible blog page (which looks complicated compared to most blogger's layouts) and the much-more-personal Outro Page. Regardless of where you go on the site, you are sure to find good gospel and good coverage. continues to be one of the most popular websites for traditional and contemporary gospel music, and remains one of our favorites. You can also spot NBG at; joining the hundreds of gospel groupies and hippies already hooked to the new interactivity community.

1. The latest indies are covered.

2. Almost two songs from each album can be heard in the Music Center.
3. Webmaster reviews have improved with more truth and less "butt-kissing".
4. Layouts and color schemes are graphically impressive.
5. Tries to be original and authentic with new changes each month.

1. Choice of songs sometimes don't reflect the best of the artist in the Music Room.
2. Death threats we get each month about stealing their graphics. Yeesh!
3. What happened to the rare Ol' Skool throwbacks?
4. The webmaster reviews may have gotten better, but some of those guest reviewers think each album is 'perfect'. What's up with that?
5. The Top 20 hot gospel singles are not all singles...more like personal album favorites. And they are not always hot. Ouch!

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