Saturday, December 24, 2005

Spread The Love This Holiday

OK. Maybe it's too late to send a Christmas card or a gift by way of the U.S. Postal Service. But you can easily spread the love this holiday to PRAYZEHYMN, the official gospel communicator, online. Today is Christmas Eve, so feel free to put on your Santa hat and send a love gift using Paypal (the online version of a gift card). That will just make my day...and my holiday. So go on and be a bleshing (smiling).

I want to wish my friends, my family and all of the members of the PRAYZEHYMN Fellowship a blessed and glorious Christmas. And if you are just wondering here to the Blog or the site and are new to the PRAYZEHYMN Life...I want you to know that I love you, Christ loves you and that you may also enjoy your Christmas holiday. I pray you will witness the love of God like never before and experience the mighty wealth of His presence in your life this holiday. We celebrate Jesus on this, his observed birthday, and let there peace on earth; good will to all mankind.

Just a few friendly reminders this holiday:

1) Do not lie and say you loved the fruit cake when you fed it to the dog.

2) If you get a lump of coal in your stocking this year, don't get mad. Use it wisely to burn a good fire. The electric bill from overusage of the gas heater is too high this time of year.

3) Just because you see only nine cars in your church parking lot, that doesn't mean you should turn around and go home.

4) Open them gifts after will feel better about the ones you don't want.

5) If you get two Ipods this holiday, instead of one, send the other to me. You will feel better afterwards.

6) If you are giving a pet this holiday, don't wrap them up. Normally this will harm the animal.

7) If you are giving a gift card, make sure the card also covers enough for tax. In other words, make sure the gift card has more than ten cents on it.

8) Try not to cuzz at your parents if they got you a box with the letter "X" on it; claiming it to be an Xbox.

9) Please try not to give coupons of 20% off to your church's bookstore. Everybody don't want the employee discount off of Pastor Jumbugg's latest series: "How To Get Out of Debt Part III".

10) Avoid buying bubble gum for church members. We don't need any more of that pink and white stuff underneath the pews. And also avoid buying the New Ebonic Ghettofied Revised Version of the Holy Bible. I read's more confusing than Rod Parsley's Newly Converted Republican Edition.

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