Saturday, December 17, 2005

Coming Soon...

Sorry about the absence folk...
We've been off the air for a few days (make that weeks)
But we will be back later with brand new shows, just for you.
Don't change that station...we will be back after these messages.


Essentially 2005: The Close-Up
The most-talked about retrospective on the Top 12 gospel albums of 2005. We give you the full monty.

What's 2 Come...
Wanna know what 2006 has in store...only here can you find the nitty gritty on what the gospel music industry has in store.

Oh ok...kinda corny. Well, has become an oasis for online gospel music lovers. We dig into the brains behind the popular website in an exclusive interview right 'chere on the PRAYZE report.

Oh Happy Gay
Seems like the issue of homosexuality has become so dominant in the church during the last couple of months, even though many are calling it the big taboo of all the deep controversies. While many fail to recognize the issue in gospel music, many will be shocked at how its dealt with in the industry and the many different viewpoints people have on it. Other have escaped from discussing this issue, while PRAYZEHYMN goes deep on this one. Only right here.

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DL Foster said...

Hey J Matthews,
Im looking forward to your article on Oh happy gay. I keep up with news and writings exploring the intersection of homosexuality and the black church and by extension black gospel music. Hope I can help shed some light for you if need be.
BTW, great site!