Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Get Off Board

"Tis' the old ship of zion...get OFF board..."

Just when you thought the weather this time of year was cold enough. Sources are reporting that Victoria Osteen, wife of Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church, can be colder.

Just leaking into the media, an event took place on Monday on an airplane, owned by Continential Airplanes, scheduled to take off and heading to Vail, Colorado. Families waited for two hours while a big fuzz in the first-class section of the plane between Victoria Osteen and a flight attendant. It all started with a drink spill, which later fueled "a series of issues with the crew", passenger Herbert Towning said. Witnesses also claim that Pastor Joel Osteen is a man of his word and was very humble throughout the altercation; sitting there humble and very professional.

"She just had attitude," an unnamed passenger said of Victoria Osteen. "They took her off, and she never came back. Her husband went out, then he came back and got their stuff. An hour-and-a-half later, we were leaving."

"She was just abusive," said Sheila Steele, who said she was sitting behind Victoria Osteen. "She was just like one of those divas."

Most of the passengers were upset over the fact that there was a lengthy delay of travel because of this scenario and were ready to hussle towards their rightful destinations for the holidays. She was ordered to be removed from the plane, along with her family because of disorderly conduct and failure to comply with airline instructions. According to Luz Garcia, an agent at the FBI's office in Houston, charges will not be filed.

Lakewood Church spokesman Don Iloff mentioned to the press that the Osteen family were on their way to Vail for a ski trip.

Now, how cold is that. Burrrrrr!

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