Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Steve Harvey Captures TBN Audience

Normally I don't watch TBN. I'm just not a big fan of religious programming. After hearing the rhetoric from super-conservative bullies, I just slowly lost interest.

But led me to watch the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) archived copy of October 5's Praise the Lord. Glad that I did.

The evening's lineup was in rare form that night. Donnie McClurkin hosted the live taping, while special musical guests Vanessa Bell Armstrong and refreshing newcomer Melinda Watts brought some of their best stuff and gusto to the stage. Armstrong debuted her new single, "Good News," from her recently-released album The Experience; sending the audience into a Holy Ghost frenzy. And Watts, surprisingly, sung "Come Boldly." Astonishing enough that in my album review of her debut project People Get Ready I mentioned the song was the strongest moment on board. But thw show's first guest, renowned comedian Steve Harvey captured the heart of the evening. It was hilarious, uplifting and emotional - even leaving the original King of Comedy in tears.

Harvey, a New York best selling author and radio host, brought his blunt and forward humor to the stage and incredibly spoke of his faith in God. The infamous introduction of Jesus segment, taken from his T.D. Jakes' Megafest stand-up performance, opened up the program and had the audience enraptured with shouts of joy. But his breakdown on men, excerpts from his best-selling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, allowed the church crowd to get a dose of reality and truth from a renowned mainstream comedian. How incredible is that.

Powerful words from Harvey, when talking about fame, faith and the troubles of the Internet:
"It's this fame thing that makes it hard. See, my life is under a microscope. I get sick of that sometimes. People don't understand how that is, man, to have your life dissected by people who don't know you. See, the Internet has become this place for evil to dwell. People who blog who have no sense of reality. They just blog about you, don't even know you...I have kids that be reading stuff that ain't true about their father. But you gotta have a piece of you that hold you when all of it is bad. I give God all the credit."

After hearing Harvey's transparency, his profound testimony and words of truth, there was no need to even bring out the preacher of the hour.

Below is a short five-minute snippet from Harvey's TBN appearance.

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