Monday, October 12, 2009

Former Pastor Found Guilty of Murder

We try not to cover too many stories about religion gone bad. But hey, stuff happens.

This story didn't get profiled here when it first came up, but we sure wanted to make a post of the guilty verdict given to Robert Reaves, a former pastor of Cedar International Fellowship in Durham. Reaves, also referred as a self-proclaimed bishop, was found guilty last week of killing a woman in his congregation. Prosecutors said Reaves was "rebuffed after making sexual advances toward a former college basketball star who rented a room from him," according to Rod 2.0. " he stalked and killed the man's girlfriend in revenge."

Steven Randolph, the basketball star and former roommate, also testified in the trial and mentioned Reaves' interest of offering free rent in exchange for oral sex.

It didn't take long for the Wake County jury to give the final verdict: just a day and a half.

During the closing arguments of the case, the prosecutors mentioned the minister's gloomy crime sheet, which included sexual misconduct with boys. He was found guilty of first-degree murder and faces life in prison without parole.

Reaves' church family had very little to say about the verdict or their f0rmer pastor. Well, what could they say? Well, they could try to explain why an anti-gay preacher like Reaves would also live a hypocritical, private lifestyle - while harming and killing innocent people.

Stuff happens - even in the church.

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