Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lexi Show Gets a Little Spicy

Lexi is on a roll with her highly-acclaimed, cable TV talk show The Lexi Show.

After debuting her new season with a highly controversial one-on-one interview with urban gospel/R&b singer Ton3x, Lexi returns with an even greater episode. This time around, Lexi sits down to chat one-on-one with Pastor Tony Smith, an Atlanta preacher who has become the latest YouTube sensation of bold, brash and unapologetic preachers. His bold statements, rolled up with attacks on popular church leaders like Bishop T.D. Jakes, Paula White, Joyce Meyer and Bishop Eddie Long, has giving him a brutal edge of saltiness over the controversial Rev. David Manning of the New York-based ATLAH Ministries.

Things even got heated when Smith tries to mimick Lexi's decorum and professionalism. Lexi bites back, with a little Wendy Williams grit, when she says "You gonna start with me tonight? I'm not the one." The moment is spectacular.

Watch all three parts and get a good dose of church humor and religious domination.

Lexi (Official Website)

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Zack Isaacs said...

But this is my thing,

Why does the "church" want to be like Wendy Williams? I applaud Sister Lexi's progress, but I don't want her to get caught up in being sensational.

The Lord is the one who should be felt- not her or Pastor Tony. We must stay hidden behind the cross, so the world can see more of GOD and less of us.

That's just my opinion.

Great post!