Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update: Deitrick and GospelPundit Working Together

We kinda smelled this one coming. At least I did.

EJ Gaines, the forerunner for popular gospel blog and former industry intern, will sit and chat with Deitrick Haddon over his recent homophobic rant on his Twitter page involving gospel artist Tonex'. The coverage, first broke ground at GospelPundit when Gaines felt it was unacceptable and unnecessary for that type of language to be made in the gospel field. The original post, which featured over 70 comments from concerned gospel fans, has since been removed "pending a discussion that Deitrick wants to have with me." said Gaines on his Twitter page Saturday morning. "While I don't take responsibility for Deitrick Haddon's comments, I'm more concerned with bringing unity to this industry."

That might be the objective, EJ. But we believe it's a little more than that. Maybe you're just giving an olive branch to your fellow co-workers and employer.

Another addition to the story:
Deitrick Haddon's Twitter page, originally made public for his fans and supporters, has now been protected his tweets from outside viewers. What once was public is now private.

Below is a picture of what you will find when you click on Haddon's Twitter page; that's if you're not a follower already.

In the Twitterhood: Deitrick Haddon Sparks Debate on Homosexuality ( - link no longer active)
Deitrick Haddon (Twitter)
Gospel Pundit (Twitter)

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