Wednesday, August 26, 2009

J Moss Readies for New Album Drop

For a brief moment, record producer and gospel artist James Moss, who represents one-third of the hit-making production team PAJAM, experienced a career plunder in 2008 when news leaked about his marital infidelity. It became official when Lakisha Hughes, of Douglasville, GA, asked the courts for a paternity test resulting in J Moss being the child's father. To some observers, the hot press disappeared too quickly of the radar but many of Moss's supporters still felt the sting from the disappointing news. The new album, Just James, hopes to highlight some of those personal episodes and to offer up a spiritual voyage into the paths of reconciliation, forgiveness and repentance.

At the PRAYZEHYMN Message Board, members highlighted the uncomfortable sting of the public's disapproval of mega pop stars like Chris Brown and R. Kelly, but feel the gospel community, who are spiritually conditioned to forgive the sins of the past, will be able to transition themselves beyond Moss's shortcomings. "In a perfect world, we would say just let the man be 'cause we all have sinned and fallen short, expresses PRAYZEHYMN member Ashleigh D. "But the truth of the matter is we have a hard time accepting the message if we find fault with the messenger. If he wants people to buy his music and accept anything that he has to offer, he is gonna have to prove himself."

During a candid, transparent interview with, Moss explained that the leaking of the news was a vital part of the cleansing process. "For one, I didn’t want to leave that lifestyle because it felt good, said Moss. "And, you know, people say “affair” and they think it was some long-term thing. This wasn’t that. It was something that I got caught up in. But I wasn’t afflicted until it became public. So, I feel like it was GOOD that it came out like it did because had it not, I wouldn’t have been able to learn His statutes even better. I don’t think I would’ve stopped because I was enjoying what I had."

The new album, Just James, hit store shelves this Tuesday, August 25.

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Gaylel said...

I am late to this, but I will give my comment. We in the Christian community are quick to judge the secular musician (R. Kelly, etc.) instead of speaking out of the sins in the church, where 99% of the vices happen, and the leaders sweep these things on the rug instead of calling people on the carpet of it. Examples of Christian leaders who are in sin or was in sin are Mark Sanford, who admitted to an affair, Sarah Palin's daughter and Ted Haggard.

Even there was a well-known christian pastorial team in Tampa who divorced recently because her husband was acting upon the temptation and was seeing a stripper in a club.

Yes, we should say that Moss is a Christian leader and should have known better. Hopefully he has truly repented and was with a team to bring him back to restoration and had someone who he can be accountable to if he slips up again.

Jeremie said...

im a j moss fan i love his music and one thing i have learned is that you cant dwell off something a person has done in the past because WE ALL human and make mistakes.LOVE YA J:)