Wednesday, December 10, 2008

J Moss Owes Child Support

"I'm not perfect/but I'm trying/When u needed me there
were a few times I didn't come running" - J Moss; from song "I'm Not Perfect"

This didn't pass our radar - we just failed to mention it pretty much.

While the Big Three auto companies continued to cry out to U.S. senators for a financial bailout on Capitol Hill, the Detroit News didn't miss one heartbeat in reporting the recent upset with gospel artist J. Moss; who was has been ordered by an Oakland Circuit Court judge to pay child support to a Georgia woman.

He is ordered to pay $1,028 a month to Lakisha Hughes, 28, of Douglasville, GA concerning her son, Christion until he reaches the age of eighteen. A paternity test was taken proving the 36-year old singer to be the child's father.

Did we add that Moss is a married man and has two other children with his wife? According to the Detroit paper, that seems to be the case. Another startling revelation surrounds Hughes' testimony citing that Moss offered to pay abortion expenses during her pregnancy. At the time of the article, Moss was not able to be reached for comment. Might be a good time for the singer to take a little hiatus from recording. At least 'til this cools down some.

Kudos to and the Detroit News for the article.



Dowindixie said...

WOW!!!! If I were a condom, I would be defective, no matter who we are, oh whatever, you know the rest.........


Anonymous said...

No matter who or what we are we must PAY!

Anonymous said...

We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. Let's continue to pray for him and his family during this time. I am still encouraged by his music.

K Mario said...

America absolutely AMAZE me...J Moss is still a man! Don't get me wrong, as a Christian, we are suppose to be...blah, blah, blah...HE'S a HUMAN...has the same emotions you do...Amazing how we can point the finger at confessing Christians that have made an OBVIOUS healthy impact on the world, but we quickly forget that you probably did the same thing and just didn't get caught...JUDGE yourself FIRST!