Friday, August 28, 2009

Secular vs. Sacred Music Profiled on CNN

In light of an engaging conversation piece presented by PJ Morton's new book Why Can't I Sing About Love, decided to speak with the Grammy-award winning song writer and producer about his notable decision to sing love ballads. Surprisingly, the battle brews as CNN's TJ Holmes asks gospel recording artist Tye Tribbett about the idea of singing both gospel and R&B. Tribbett's response felt as if it leapt from the pages of a John Hagee camp meeting. In his own words, you simply can't do both.

It's a moving debate and has drawn up enough criticism on both avenues. Morton, the son of popular teleevangelist Pastor Paul S. Morton and also composer of gospel songs for Men of Standard and DeWayne Woods, is enjoyable a career working the indie soul circuit and aims to release mainstream R&B with substance and a message. Tribbett, who doesn't deny the "inspirationalism" of Morton's lyrics, feels it's impossible for a man "to serve two masters." Bold words there. Still, it's pretty weird for Tribbett to utter such an tough opinion when his music feels like it was inspired by the same R&B and soul geniuses that influenced Morton.

Watch the CNN report below.

Morton also rebuttals the argument at YouTube - in bible study fashion.

I was originally scheduled to interview PJ Morton earlier this month for but had to postpone it for a future date. I am currently working on a rescheduled opportunity. After the coverage on CNN, I kinda wished I didn't cancel it from the beginning. Stay tuned for more details and possibly an additional article on this subject.

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