Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mister McCoy Just Can't Take the Heat

While I am used to being in the hot seat, criticism is something that we all expect. Regardless if we are doing the best of our service or just lacking on a few accomplishments, we are met with pressure all the time. But the irony of the locals who celebrate their buddies and com padres is that while it is okay to attack others on their shortcomings and even their bloopers, you just can't point a finger at them when they end up on the hot seat.

Let's take a good long look at Mr. Brian McCoy. His personal home videos mainly feature Birmingham groups that are so dear to him (Arthur Beard & Elements of Worship, Chosen Generation, Prince Yelder). But he carefully screens the comments so that each piece of commentary reflects only good things and positive feedback from the public. I could okay that personal choice if only if McCoy reflected the same kind of fortitude with other groups and ministries. See, the old street saying rings aloud: "Be careful how you treat others, it just might come back to you and bite you in the ___." The same YouTube subscriber waddle on deep waters when he posts commentaries that criticize the recent BET Celebration of Gospel, men who sing like Karen Clark-Sheard and posting Chris Crocker parodies of embattled Birmingham, Ala. mayor Larry Langford. Goodness gracious, we have another pot calling a kettle black.

I was bugged by this episode while checking out a video of McCoy's local hero, Arthur Beard and his group. In a video titled Wonderful Is Your Name, where the group leaps into a 8-minute version of the Hezekiah Walker/Melvin Crispell mid-tempo jam bearing the same name, only positive feedback is featured. I wanted to toss up a was a light humor joke on how the director begins to jump up and down in a chaotic frenzy that looks more like Pokemon' doing jumping jacks [check it out at 3:11; video below]. The comment was never posted. That can be understandable since everyone can't take a joke. But McCoy easily pokes fun at other ministries and gospel singers and choirs...but it's totally unfair to talk about his own buddy system. How distasteful and...hmmm...hypocritical.

The hypocritical scale is tilted even more so when he writes that he "DO NOT TOLERATE CRITIQUES ON THIS CHANNEL! IF IT'S MINISTRY, NO CRITIQUING." Interesting, why is it okay for you to critique sharply and not your subscribers?

McCoy, here's some words of wisdom you may want to take heed to...don't talk about folk and their ministries aloud and you can't take the heat. Keep your thoughts to yourself. By the way, hasn't your pastor, the Rev. Gregory L. Clarke of New Hope Baptist Church (another person void of negative comments on his posts), been sentenced to 21 months in prison for "under reporting on his tax returns $110,000 in earned income during the years 2000, 2001 and 2002. I thought so.

Judge says convicted Birmingham pastor must go to prison Friday [Religion News Blog]


Anonymous said...

You must have no life because not for nothing, this article was completly tastless. Are you seriously critizing somebody over youtube videos? Go read your Bible or pray, please. Do something better with your life than this. You are way much smarter than this.


And why don't you go and get a screenname so we can know who you are. Anonymous is so "tasteless."


And by the way, you spell tasteless this way: "tasteless" not "tastless."

Dowindixie said...

@ Anonymous,

Okay, so you say that anyone who criticizes youtube videos has no life. But if you take the time to look at the videos, read the criticisms, post a reply & criticize that person for their criticisms, wouldn't that mean you have even LESS of a life? How can you call someone out for doing something, & then turn around & do the EXCACT SAME THING? I'm just saying...............

Anonymous said...

Your website is valuable to those who wish to hear about gospel music from your perspective. Having biases about certain artists/groups is your prerogative because its YOUR site.

The youtube channel you have blasted is McCoy's site. He has a right to share his opinions as well.

In short, this article is elementary. Don't waist the time and intelligence God has given you to come against a peer that is simply sharing his view point.

Since YOUR site gives me the chance to leave a comment (and thank you very much for reading) and the opportunity to also be anonymous, I will choose to do so. Don't worry about who I am, just hear the words I've said, that is-- IF you are concerned about being fair and right with God. You do great work, don't spoil it.
Just a somebody...

Anonymous said...

Dude...aren't you GAY? Maybe you should focus on a life style change. It is better to fix "self" 1st before you try and work on someone else. Lord, God, almighty FATHER, help this "aint" cause you far from being a Saint.


Once again, another pot calling another kettle black.

Did I ever claim I was a saint?

Once again, another anonymous commenter. Boy, these anonymous commenters should be called "ANNOY"omous, because they are too afraid to take off their masks and party with the rest of the world. Ain't being anonymous associated with being on the "down low." Makes you think.

By the way, I allow negative comments on my blog...even if I don't agree in them. Therefore I included yours.

Chris Holcombe said...

You have not had much of anything good to say about Prince Yelder, New Hope or Elements of Worship why should he believe that you have something "light-hearted" to say now? Eventhough they are doing big things..some national..still no congrats or mention from you as an un-bias gospel blogger.

McCoy's videos even feature a laugh track showing that his jokes are all in good fun and not hateful. He can also be seen at everyone's concerts in support and at least he is posting their music, which is something you could be doing.

Pastor Clarke has nothing to do with any of this. This further shows your personal dislike for New Hope and local talent. Everything is negative with local talent..I would put Elements, VIP, DFC on stage with any group outside of the city and I bet they could hang. Stop having sour grapes because they won't let you in. lol


Chris Holcombe...

Thanks for your comments. Apparently you have a ring of truth in what you said. It seems as if I don't have much of anything encouraging to say about the quality of the gospel groups and artists in Birmingham, which almost makes me look a bit hateful. But you fail to mention the one or two local artists that I have giving kudos to (A&M Gospel Choir, Jamel Strong, etc.) and it is not because they decided to “let me in [using quote]." Hope you are aware that I am not in this biz for man's favor; real favor comes from God.

Sometimes when you tell the truth, the truth hurts. And I can understand your distress from my comments, but I seriously hope that Birmingham awakens to what the national music scene is doing...and I am not talking about performing with their local artists. I'm talking about artists that sell records, have contracts, have Billboard power (as we in the industry call it). When that day comes, I believe Birmingham will get the respect it so desires. Playing in the minor leagues is one thing, playing in the big leagues is another.

Still I think it is unfair for Alabama to silence what critics and outside listeners have to say about their talent. Especially if they want to grow from their mistakes.


"I see your true colors shining through..." - Cyndi Lauper

Due to an anonymous writer (the same one who appeared before), I am making mandatory that any contributor to the blog has to be a subscriber to Goggle or Blogger to post. Sorry that a few sour grapes had to make this happen, but it is only fair. I have made myself public, this is a public forum, I now ask that all contributors are also made public.

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