Sunday, March 01, 2009

Gospel Today Bows Out from Printing

With the difficulties of today's economy putting a blunt death sentence on major print publications (Life) and popular black magazines like Honey, Savoy and Emerge, its staggering blow has extended itself to the 20-year old gospel lifestyle magazine Gospel Today. Recently announcing their retirement from the printing press, Dr. Teresa Hairston, the mag's founder and overseer, remains optimistic about its future as they re-strategize their business into an online-only publication.

In a press statement, Hairston hopes to "share news, information, products and services regarding the urban Christian community with the global community. The world is moving to Internet, and many of our advertisers and subscribers are already there."

Currently distributing e-blasts and offering online subscriptions only for its e-magazine, the Atlanta-based company is hoping to locate a print partner to provide subscribers a friendly print alternative of their online e-zine. Still, the problem rises over the idea that subscribers will have to pay for the online services.

The magazine made national headlines back in September 2008 when a certain issue was pulled from Lifeway Christian Stores, a chain of Southern Baptist-operated bookstores, due to its cover story featuring popular female pastors.

The magazine is also known within the gospel industry for establishing the Gospel Heritage Foundation; which oversees the annual Praise & Worship Conferences usually held in February.

Gospel Today [Official Website]

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