Monday, March 30, 2009

Donnie McClurkin Is Tired of Big Pimpin' Preachers

Finally...someone speaks about the over excess of super indulgent preacher lifestyles.

Donnie McClurkin, best-selling gospel singer, songwriter and a pastor himself, spoke with Essence in an article last week about the fancy opulent lifestyles of the church's rich and famous and candidly expressed his grief about their unwise choices.

"As pastors, we have to link arms and have bi-partisanships. The [Black] church has always been the face of the community. Now we have to take on the responsibility of becoming true servants to the people from all walks of life. I get so mad when I see these pimpin' preachers driving Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, flying around in their private jets, and making it seem like prosperity and money is the way of God when 90 percent of your congregation is on Section 8 or can't figure out how they are going to keep their lights on or feed their kids. I'm big on perception, and what would it look like for me to live so lavishly if the people in my church are struggling?”

This seems to be a popular matter on blogs and messages boards (see the
Mo'Kelly Report and lately as the lifestyles of Juanita Bynum and more recent Pastor Jamal Harrison-Bryant (of Baltimore, MD) are now causing a fixed blog sensation with the faith community. And while McClurkin has made his share of big bucks for his chart-topping albums, he goes on the record in the article to state that he doesn't receive "a dime" from the church he started eight years ago.

"I have one vehicle and it's not a Mercedes, it's a Lincoln Navigator. I don't receive a dime—not an Abraham Lincoln copper coin—and haven't for the last seven-and-a-half years because I'm okay.”

With the recent announcement of GM Motors CEO Rick Wagoner being forced to resign due to their failure to re-strategize the company in the face of a sour economy, it is probably time for the big pimpin' preachers to retire their lavish lifestyles and face reality. The super deluxe offerings is soon to run dry.

McClurkin is prepared to release his upcoming album, We All Are One (Live in Detroit); expected to hit stores March 31, 2009.

Donnie McClurkin Disgusted with Pastoral Excesses []

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