Thursday, October 02, 2008

Announcing: Paul Porter CD Giveaway

The highly-anticipated debut project from Paul Porter - the renowned lead singer of the Christianaires - is finally out. And with guest appearances from Rance Allen and Harvey Watkins, Jr., A NEW DAY is proving to be one of the year's most talked-about gospel projects. The project, released on Light Records, boasts the radio singles "What Did You Do?" and the uptempo jam "I Made It Through" and is currently in stores now!

But you can one of the fortunate ones to win a copy of the project in our WALK IN THE LIGHT CD Giveaway contest. Thanks to the good folks at Light Records, five lucky contestants will be chosen as winners. All you have to do is answer the trivia question correctly and email us at the right answer with your full name and city location. With just a little brainstorm power and prayer, we are most certain you will get the answer right.

The trivia question is:
What American Idol winner mentioned in an autobiography their affection to the musical influence of Paul Porter?

For more information and details (especially the deadline) on the WALK IN THE LIGHT CD Giveaway, click the following link:

Edited: OCTOBER 20, 2008

The contest is over for the WALK IN THE LIGHT CD Giveaway. We had a great number of people who entered the contest but as said previously, only five contestants would be selected. And we are ever proud to announce our winners! They are:

Lisa Toussiant // Scarborough, Ontario Canada
Jermarlo Brown // Huntsville, AL
Ruth-Michelle Senegal // Manassas, VA
Keemon Leonard // San Marcos, TX
Tristian Williams // Durham, NC

The correct answer to the trivia question was Fantasia Barrino.

More CD and DVD giveaways and contests are to stay tuned!

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