Monday, October 27, 2008

A Nightmare for a Dreamgirl

A very disturbing story hits the home of Jennifer Hudson, the former American Idol finalist and proud Academy Award winner. In an intensifying and on-the-hour drama investigation, the bodies of Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, 57, and 29-year-old Jason Hudson were pronounced dead Friday in their South side home in Chicago. An Amber alert was also issued on Friday for 7-year-old Julian King, nephew of Jennifer Hudson. The child is still reported missing.

Police are investigating the situation very closely but do not know the motives as of yet of their killings. They are certain that the case is "domestic related;" according to police spokesman Dan O'Brien.

In a MySpace blog post on Sunday, Jennifer Hudson said she was grateful for community support and posted a picture of her sister's son.

"Thank you all for your prayers and your calls. Please keep praying for our family and that we get Julian King back home safely," the blog entry said. "If anyone has any information about his whereabouts please contact the authorities immediately ... Once again thank you all for being there for us through this tough time."

In state custody at this time is William Balfour, 27, the estranged husband of Jennifer Hudson's sister, Julia Hudson. He is considered to be a suspect in a "double homicide investigation." He is currently on parole and has a very discouraging record of previous crimes against him including a seven year sentence to prison for attempted murder, vehicular hijacking and possessing a stole vehicle.

The timing of this grueling and depressing saga of drama comes at yet another peak for the beloved Oscar-winning actress and singer. She is currently enjoying the success of her recently-released best-selling album and a number one single ("Spotlight") on the R&B/Hip-hop charts and can be seen in the motion picture The Secret Life of Bees.

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