Sunday, September 28, 2008

Round Three: I'm Getting 'Weeks' In The Knees

You would have thought the painful public display of holy crap coming from the Bynum vs. Weeks camp would have subsided and disappeared a year later. Well, it a sense it has...but Bishop Thomas Weeks, III, the pastor of a chain of Global Destiny churches that could be compared with McDonalds in the fast food world, is hitting the headlines one last time with his latest campaign for the "next Mrs. Weeks."

Oh, no. Not this.

Yes, yes indeed.

TMZ, the hit television tabloid teaser, even covered the craziness of it all. In their online story entitled "Wife-Beatin Bishop's New Fight Is With Cupid," the story zoomed in on Weeks' documentation found on his website of a series of webisodes searching for a new spouse. Yes, after the big bang marriage of popular televangelist Juanita Bynum failed before the public in 2007 and an even greater divorce was anticipated. He lists his criteria for the next Mrs. Weekls as "someone who can bear children, is sensual and can't be ugly." As expected, droves of women have already applied to enter the "contest" in hopes to marry the former husband of Bynum. With hit reality-TV shows like American Idol, the Bachelor and Love New York sweeping air time with mind-blowing stats, Weeks hopes to get in on the phenom and seriously hopes to find the next love of his life.

Now news reports are rushing in and are putting a serious strain on Weeks' reality dating show. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the first full episode of "Who Will Be the Next Mrs. Weeks" being postponed because of "incomplete contract negotiations with a reality television producer." The news leader also mentions that Weeks is still serving probation for attacking Bynum back in August 2007; in which he pleaded guilty.

Not sure if TBN or Daystar will be picking up this show this fall in their daily programming or if it will just be limited to Weeks' website, but we seriously hope the bow-tie pastor visits Dr. Drew for a weeks worth of counseling. The last thing Weeks needs is to get "weak in the knees" again...and to spend another million on a big fancy wedding. Oh, hold on...sorry...BIG typo...I think we all know who paid for the last one.

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SmokeFreeZone said...

I wonder what the Lord is thinking about all this??

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me?