Thursday, January 10, 2008


Okay, a new year is here and we are hoping to do a few things differently, especiallywhen today's status quo even wants a little taste of change in their system. So we are debuting in January our brand-new live, 24-7 radio station called the PRAYZEHYMN Express.

Powered by, the station will feature some of the best in traditional and contemporary gospel music - and alot of stuff that won't get played on your local radio stations. Plus, for a couple of more weeks we will be playing the TOP 50 Gospel Songs of 2007 - taken from our
PRAYZEHYMN exclusive article posted on the website.

What's so cool about the station is that you can vote for tracks you like or dislike...and listening to the station is totally free. If you don't like the commercials or interpretions due to being time-out or lack of activity, you can always subscribe to as a VIP member.

The station's playlists are constantly updated so you never what's going to be played next. We are also working on posting brand-new JUST YAKIN: BILL & BEE segments on the station, along with artist interviews and other cool ideas to help spruce up the station's programming.

Love the station? E-mail us and let us hear your feedback.


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