Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Choir Bites The Dust

Okay...while the PRAYZEHYMN Message board lights up with all of the free advertisements and soliciting a brotha can handle from Dexter Walker and his Chicago-based community choir, Zion Movement, I felt like bloggin' my thoughts on this side of heaven - at the PRAYZE Report. And definitely feel it's necessary.

I find it so strange after I reviewed his YouTube music video of '>Hezekiah Walker's "Lift Him Up" on the recently posted commentary on (The Spirit of Rebellion) and speaking out against the radical and rebellious nature of the entire rendition, a link of the video is posted up during a Walter Hawkins/Favorite Tune topic. Now when did Walter Hawkins ever pen "Lift Him Up" or ever cover that particular song? Well, let's just say that it had to have been posted after some Zion Movement supporters decided to "move" with a plug for the video since I publicly announced my unfavorable opinion of the video. A deliberate move to try to prove Mr. J Matt wrong.

I have always considered Dexter Walker an opportunist. Not to say he's a bad person, I just think - my opinion here - he's just stuck like glue to his own ministry and what he does. Don't believe me: join the board and check out every single time Walker has posted and witness how many times it's been about him and his ministry. I think everyone should have a good outlook on what they do...but when a person makes decisions that, in the end, come off as being arrogant, standoffish, self-absorbed...and they are always in defense-mood by trying to glamorize something that isn't quite acceptable to the mass public, that's when they need to take a step back and reevaluate their own selves.

Personally, I'm tired of all of the ZM chatter, especially when I couldn't find but one or two okay songs on the project. And I'm not the only one that will go on the record to profess that.

Go ahead and be mad at the video for yourself. And if you like crazy antics, fake-looking flamboyant praise breaks and busy musicians playing all over one another like it's a reality-TV talent contest, then be my quest. I can't help it I listen to good music and am proud to say that. For those whom are publicly patting artists on the back and joining their fan clubs, make sure you are not doing it on purpose but with a spirit of confidence.

Dexter Walker & ZM "Lift Him Up" video
The Spirit of Rebellion (


DH said...

Sir, you've been officialy responded to in my blog

Jessica22 said...


Is that SERIOUSLY a choir? I stopped listening to "gospel" music awhile ago. CCM just seems way more authentic like they are actually trying to get a message across.

That's soooo show-boaty (new word) that there's absolutely NO WAY I would be able to get anything from that.

I think this performances highlights what's so very out of wack with black "gospel". It's lost its form and now it's just stale and unfeeling full of folks who just want some "holy ghost shine"!

This is sad JMATT! Very sad... I do agree with you view on this and THAT is very rare!

Keep blogging!

DX said...

Something I wanted to encourage ya to read.

God Bless you bro.