Thursday, January 31, 2008

Motown Under Fire Again

Gosh, just when you thought Motown couldn't get any more bad press.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, whom was a visible presenter at last year's Stellar Awards and is known for being dubbed as the Hip-Hop Mayor, appeared beside his wife on a video that was heard all across the world asking for the public's forgiveness. The video is pretty sketchy when analyzing it from beginning to end because it never goes into details on what he's apologetic for. His words are as follows: "I am the mayor. I made a mistake. I truly apologize to you. I am accountable."

Sounds like a 9-year old picking up his first Balloons and Bears books for the first time. But the Detroit mayor is addressing concerns about an alleged steamy love affair from his former aide, Christine Beatty. A prosecutor is now investigating if he lied under oath regarding the affair last summer in which both denied having a physical relationship. Because of legal matters, Kilpatrick was not allowed to discuss any serious details about the case or situation on air. A conviction from lying under oath can lead to a maximum of fifteen years in prison.

The dirty laundry of the entire situation surrounds the biggest blooper of them all: the steamy, flirty and even sexually explicit dialogue found in their text messages - all recorded on Kilpatrick's work cell phone. The only words the mayor's wife, Carlita, released regarding her husband's turmoil were that she "is angry, hur and disappointed, but no question I love my husband."

The speech was recorded and aired from his church home, Greater Emmanuel Institutional COGIC. Church name sounds familiar? Of course it's the church where J. Drew Sheard is the pastor and gospel singer Karen Clark-Sheard is the first lady. Seems like the Sheard family got another thorn to pick from their flesh. Our prayers go out to the good folk of Detroit.

He has not stepped down from his mayoral position; returning back to work after the apology. According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, he has resigned from the Florida A&M University foundation board, school officials said.


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