Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bright Road and Career For Mandisa

What do we know about Mandisa Hundley, now that she reach the Top 10 this season on reality-TV show hit American Idol and shockingly departed the competition with the lowest amount of votes this Wednesday (April 5)?

Well, we know that the Antioch, TN native was rated by all three of the judges (Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson) to be a sure favorite and final contender towards the end of the competition. We know that she has the belting voice of angels and has proven so on her renditions of Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman", Stevie Wonder's "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" and "Cry". She even did the unthinkable in performing "Shackles (Wanna Praise You)", a familar gospel selection from the archives of Mary Mary. It was a public display of her faith and allowed the world to see Jesus Christ on a pop stage. How incredible was that. Her voice is a silky powerhouse vocal that easily conjures comparisons to incredible giants such as the legendary Chaka Khan and gospel/R&B/disco diva Loletta Holloway. But her voice was one of a kind, unlike any of the American Idol finalists, in this season's edition of American Idol. She will surely be missed on the AI screen from this day forward, but we are sure that "a bright road and career" awaits her. Whether she does gospel or R&B or even a pop-flavored record, we are sure her vocals will not be watered down and are sure that good music will come from her future footsteps.

If anyone in Memphis or Nashville knows how to get in touch with her, let a brotha know. I've been a big MANDIVA fan and still am. We know that contracts will be coming her way.

While the show moves on, R&B influenced Elliot Yamin and the soulful Paris Bennett, whom has been compared to previous AI winner Fantasia Barrino, are still hopefuls to funkier ratings for FOX's big show. Ace Young, whom I cited as one of my favorites, is slowly taking a dive into the bottom due to his unenergetic performances and lifeless song choice. Maybe he will improve. But it is probably very evident that Chris Daughtery will easily sail to the top and win this year.

In the meantime: Keep your eyes out for Mandisa. She's blessed.

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Well thank you Aima, that was very encouraging for you to say. I pray and hope you continue to visit us. God's Blessings Be Unto You...take care.