Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stellar Recap

January 21, 2006 is behind us and the Awards have been giving out. And even though alot of people would rather wait to see the results delivered on the local airings of the televised 21st Annual Stellar Awards (the GRAMMYS to the gospel community) on their local cable networks and stations, we have decided to post a nice recap on the final resuts. And just to hint at the anguish we have been raging about regarding the Stellar's controversial voting pool, you can see just from all of the victories Donald Lawrence witnessed that this thing is a "fixed" situation.

Lawrence had powerful and well-received albums in the past, even better sales, with projects like "Bible Stories" and "". But for the first time in the Stellar Awards' history, since its inception, this one sinks the Titanic all together. Eight awards all together go to D. Lawrence for his "I Speak Life" album; a project fewed by many critics to be a strong disappointment. One successful single ("Healed") was released from that album, and J. Moss, a guy that experienced a powerful series of singles ranging from "We Must Praise", "I Wanna Be" and "Psalm 150", only took home three. Dr. Charles G. Hayes & the Warriors (along with "Jesus Can Work It Out Remix" vocalist Dianne Williams) impressed plenty, by talking home three awards. Several established artists whom decided to release independent projects and decided to walk out on faith were also honored, such as Lil' iRocc Williams, Walter Hawkins, Mark S. Hubbard & the Voices and Sounds of Blackness. Mary Mary only gets one. It was also shocking to see well deserved saxophonist Kirk Whalum take home a well deserved award for Instrumental CD of the Year.

But there were more disappointments than overwhelming joy. But that's usually the case.

I'm beginning to agree with Tonex' on this one. The industry, especially the gospel, has a lot of growing up to do.

The Winners (


Anonymous said...

Please do a quick grammatical look on your now rather consistent use of the word "whom." I enjoy the site, but with a degree in English language, the misuse of it can be quite annoying. "Who" is subjective; "whom" is objective. Although language is undeniably progressive and evolving, the two are not--I repeat--not to be used interchangeably. Thanks for the great site.


Would you like to be my editor for free? Otherwise, I must go on.

Anonymous said...

Sure, I have lots of a free time on my hands. Besides, your articles aren't incredibly lengthy most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I will definately miss Tonex. He was always refreshing. And yes, the stellar awards were a huge dissappointment and helped to prove Tonex right.