Saturday, January 28, 2006

Shirley Goes To Jail

Well, we all were desperate in getting our tickets to see Tyler Perry's latest creation, "Madea Goes To Jail". But you might want to hold out for a minute and catch the latest gospel craze. More like crazy.

Pastor Shirley Caesar, mostly refered as the Queen of Gospel Music, embraced the Grand Ol' Opry stage at the 21st Stellar Awards (actually who's really counting) with a performance of her newest single from her highly-talked about "I Know The Truth" project.

On her set, Shirley sung a traditional tune tucked in a country-flavored batter called "Jailbird" with Rev. Dallas Lockett dueting with her. Caesar is telling a story about a man who gets time in the pokey. That's where Lockett comes in. He plays the victim in the song. And with a fake background enclosed behind him of jailbars and a prop choir lip-synching with glee, you begin to wonder if this is all we can afford for a 2006 performance on a televised gospel award show. The song was so frustrating to me that I decided to turn the TV off for good.

I'll just stick to Madea...especially when I am certain I can count on hearing some good gospel music and will witness a better grade of excellence. Hey, I know I will get my $45 dollars worth. Otherwise, I'll just wait for the DVD.

Some extra highlights I didn't miss during the Stellars:
1) What happened to Fred's head? He's looking like Predator. Not good.
2) Do we need to buy Deitrick a comb?
3) Ain't Vickie on that Star Jones' diet? Just wondering.
4) Donald may have swept the Awards, but didn't he some of that ProActive?
5) What the heck are we wearing to these award shows?
6) Jonathan Nelson accepted the award for "I'm Healed", but is it Donald's award or Jonathan's. I'm confrused (yes, I spelt it

If I think of anything else, I'll post it later on. Keep praying for the gospel community.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Item #6... It is Jonathan's award... He wrote the song!...