Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Church Idol

The Trinity Broadcasing Network (TBN) invested their time and money in the latest pop craze taking over America. With American Idol riding high in ratings each and every year and its winners producing projects that are taking a bite out of young America's pockets, TBN decided to be "creative" by copying the same idea and concept and placing the blood-stained banner of our God on it. I guess AI winners' Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia and runner-ups George Huff singing gospel music occasionally and talking about Jesus when giving the opportunity sent off a big warning sign.

Exalting Him 2005 National Talent Search, hosted by Contemporary Christian artist Nicole Mullen, is mirrored after American Idol and also bears a strong resemblance to the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship's Talent Contest and Gospel Dream (presented by The Gospel Channel). To prove that this contest is nothing unfamilar to us, they even have a "wildcard" deal to the mix; which is a definite AI move. Let's be reminded that this is not the first of its kind to hit the Christian circles; it's just more publicized since its on TBN. According to the offical website's sources, this event started in 2004 and has gone on ever since. The contest has several divisions which include Best Group and Best Soloist (sorry, no choirs on this one). The majority of the competition are Contemporary Christian (you know what that means) and the announced winner will receive a recording contract with Daywind Records.

Oh yeah, a side note: the finalists from the 2005 season have already recorded a compilation (similiar to AI's agenda) and is available for purchase at or through Apple's iTunes. Hope you can find some good gospel on there. Good luck searching.


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