Thursday, September 29, 2005

Strong Tower

Jamel Strong is a tour de force. He captures a radiance of bold charisma, a splendid personality, and an anointing that will cut through the intense fibers of a person's strongholds. When hearing his vocals at work, images of a contemporary version of James Cleveland come to mind. His voice can be gritty at times and very churchy, but it is infectious and uniquely different. In just a short period of time, Strong has delicately served the gospel music community with his creation, Strength Ministries; which serves a handful of super-charged events throughout the year including his annual Triple M Conference. And while his resume' continues to enlarge with respected achievements (especially since American Idol winner Ruben Studdard served on his musical staff), he is becoming the voice for a lost generation of gospel newcomers seeking to be heard in the Deep South.

This weekend, Jamel Strong, along with his vocal aggregation simply called Message, will celebrate yet another anniversary together. The celebration will be intense, as some of Gospel's most esteemed vocalists gather to pay tribute to Strong's growing music ministry. Leon Lacy & LIV (known for creating "Ain't Nobody Like Jesus" on the Hezekiah Walker "Family Affair" project) will be present, along with Verity Recording artist Shea Norman, vocal extraordinaire Nikki Ross, Erik Matthews and Kenn Orr. We do expect Strong & Message to get up and deliver a few tunes as well.

If you are anywhere near the Huntsville, Alabama community, we urge you to make haste. Be present for this celebration.

Date and Location:
October 2, 2005 @ 6:00 p.m.
Pentecostal Lighthouse Church
6107 Blue Spring Road NW
Huntsville, AL

Jamel Strong & Message Anniversary Celebration Flyer


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anjanel said...

I am an AAMU graduate who loves your music and how it praises God. The songs that I remember from that year (2002) was "I'm Fighting", "U Can't Stop My Praise" (We love Neeka, My sister's roommate in Palmer Hall; RIP), and "Faithful Friend". I have to get this CD! How can I get a copy. PLEASE TELL ME I CAN!!!