Thursday, September 22, 2005

Holy (Crap)

Being a part of PRAYZEHYMN definitely has its priviledges and advantages.

One of those blessings happen to be laughter. And boy, was I ballin' when I visited a link passed on by our good friend Mysta2usa. We are still wondering who sang the lead on this song, the church choir and what church this was recorded at. If anyone knows for sure, please email me so we can do a spotlight on them. I just hope and pray they are alright and have retired from singing for good [giggling].

The Bible says that we should "make a joyful noise unto the Lord". Please tell me folkz if this noise constitutes as "joyful".


Anonymous said...

They sound a hot MESS. I'm still laughing

Anonymous said...

This is is Gospel on Drugs...Any Questions????

saythat said...

This is the "Bootleg Choir of the Ages". Someone needs to call the po-po because, with all of that screaming, the lead singer sounds like she's being murdered !! Pray, saints, pray

Anonymous said...

the choir sounds okay and the lead... the lead. What can be said.
She sounds like she could've possibly hit the correct note with more trainning. She bounced back fairly well. Great recovery. The music staff sounds great through it all

Anonymous said...

A hot mess is what that was i want to hear it again so i can laugh some more but it hyrts me ears god thinks it sounds good because she tyed to gat the note out he is happy because she was rejoicing but the only place she needs to do that is in the middle of the desert.:)