Thursday, September 29, 2005

20/20 Vision

If you rushed to your music store this week, or toppled through your local Wal-Mart, you may be lucky to find "20/85 The Experience"; the new project from contemporary gopsel artist Hezekiah Walker & LFC (an acronym for the Love Fellowship Choir).

Why luck? Well, even though the album showcases brand new music, unlike the "Family Affair II" project which consisted mostly covers of their previous hits, this album contains only twelve tracks. Most of the songs are over-cooked, baked at major time limits ranging from six to eight minutes. Plus D. Lawrence produces the project, along with Tonex'. Nothing really's wrong with that, unless you dismantle the LFC sound we all have grown to love.

Well you be the judge of it. The lovely folks at PRAYZEHYMN have been drilling this project on the Message Board and are proving both sides of the issue on whether it's a keeper or a wasted reunion project. With hits like "Calling My Name", "99 1/2", "How Much We Can Bear", "Jesus Is My Help", "Clean Inside" and "Jesus Is The Light", Hezekiah Walker deserves a little more for a 20th year celebration than twelve long tracks. Plus. we wanna know where was:
Timiney Figueroa
Bishop Eric McDaniel
Lorraine Stancil
Melvin Crispell
Monique Walker
Jeff Lesley
Lawanda Campbell
Teddy (FX) Rollins
and the rest of the LFC alumni.

Family reunions should get bigger, not smaller.

Well, don't think I'm hating...the album is right now in stores. Experience 20/20 vision for yourself.


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