Monday, March 14, 2005

Mario's Gone, Must Recuperate

I must admit, waking up this morning was a shocker.

I could hear the television a-going in my dreams and hearing Mario Vazuqez name being mentioned; seemed like on the news or some gossip-columned broadcast such as Access Hollywood. But anyway, I woke up, and to my surprise, I hear the bad news. Very bad.

My favorite reality-tv show will be losing one of its prime hopefuls: Mario is gone.

I have been hooked to American Idol from day one. I rooted for Tamara Gray and Kelly Clarkson to win in the first season...and after Tamara went home, my eyes were fixed on the country girl with the robust vocals that were versatile enough to sign a pop ballad and then wreck a gospel song. She won...I had to watch season #2. Then comes Ruben Studdard, st8 from Birmingham, AL (my hometown). And I rooted for him from day one...along with Frenchie Davis (the big girl that was eliminated from the compeititon because of her "unacceptable" past). And he won...then season #3. Gosh, I had to root for my girl Fantasia Barrino...she just stuck out from all of the contestants. And she won...she can wreck a gospel song too. And her debut album is "hot 2 def". I look back at all of the winners of AI and I noticed a striking revelation - ALL OF THEM HAVE THEIR ROOTS IN THE CHURCH. And they love amazing is that.

Well, back to March 14, 2005. I'm hearing the of my favorites is leaving the show. Vazquez, 27, cited to the media that he is departing from AI for "personal reasons". His farewell appearance last week included an amazing rendition of the Bee Gees' tune "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart", which also happened to be one of Ruben Studdard's favorites in season #2.

Vazquez told TV Guide he quit
"to take care of some personal issues with my family in New York. And with 'Idol' being a live show, it just wouldn't have worked out schedule-wise."
"I'm healthy, I'm fine. It's just a personal family thing. My family is my top priority,"
he told the magazine.

But Vazquez's mom, Ada, said she knew of no problem involving the family and had not idea why he left the show. "Look at me, I'm fine, I'm still kicking," she told The Post. "I don't know his reasons, but whatever they are, I respect him for it and will be very supportive."

Whatever the reasons Vazquez left (maybe because of a past secret or because of contract issues concerning American Idol and future aspirations), Nikko Smith was brought back from last week's elimination to replace Vazquez.

Whatever happens...I know I will be rooting BIG TIME for Anwar Robinson, 25, from East Orange, N.J. Maybe it's because he's different and unqiue, but Anwar definitely has a voice that is unmatched and perfectly seasoned for the recording studio. He has a voice that compares to Tonex' and Smokie Norful; yet revealing a unique texture of vocal tecnhiques that artists now stumble to suceed in. He has a mighty range and definitely impresses with his ability to hold a note for a good number of seconds. His song choice (Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World", Stevie Wonder's "What's Going On" and the timeless classic "Moon River") has been totally amazing for him; choosing songs and that are universal and quite the charm. But another benafactor in Anwar's appeal is that his favorite type of music is GOSPEL!

Whew, e'nuff votes go to Anwar. TOMMORROW'S AMERICAN IDOL!

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