Saturday, March 12, 2005

It's A Beautiful Day...

Well, the weekend is here and I'm yet awaiting a few album projects to come into my hands from the postman. He arrives...and nothing. Well, guess I gotta suffer for a lil longer for these independent projects I've been anticipating for awhile.

Well, there is one project I know I gotta get my hands on. Rudolph Stanfield, one of my all-time favorite songwriters and musicians, embraced the debut project of the Anderson Sanctuary Choir from Jackson, MS. They recorded, of course, on the Malaco Music label. I know the company has been struggling awhile to make some effort to break the Billboard music charts and sales lately, but hopefully this album will help them break some ground...along with Mississippi Mass Choir's new one.

The Anderson Sanctuary Choir has backed artists such as Dorothy Norwood and Lillian Lily, and most of the members sing with the Mississippi Mass Choir. as for their sound, it's not the best church choir sound, but it is good quality. The songs sound quite impressive - such as "He Worked It Out" and "It's Time To Bless His Name". Rudy writes a bulk of the songs along with Timothy Britten - so I believe this album deserves a nod. Sad to know, this album has been out since 2004! Where have I been lately.

Plus I'm still mad that Minister Patrick Riddick ain't sent me my CD yet...talkin' bout bad business. Got an awesome choir in Virgina, but very bad on running errands. You gotta do better bruh.

Well, I'm 'bout to sing out. I said enough for today. LOL.

Expect PRAYZEHYMN to blow up soon. It's our time. Ya hear me!

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