Thursday, March 03, 2005

It's A New Season...

Well, seems like after the big hoopla we have experienced these last couple of days - now it's time for me to comment and relax.

I haven't posted on the BLOG for some time now, and I'm heartly sorry for my absence. I'll make a note of it to keep posting and doing it frequently. I betcha' that.

First of all, hats off to Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman for representin' at the Academy Awards (Oscars)...and two hats-off for Mr. Tyler Perry for showing the world that WE can do all things through Christ...even hit #1 at the box-office. Let's do it again this weekened people. Go and check out "Diary of a Mad Black Woman"; the movie (not the bootleg version).

Well, I'm off to work...but here's what's going down in the underground.

"Running Over" Joe Pace
"Let Go, Let God" Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson
"Run And Tell That" Bishop Michael Kelsey & the New Samaritan Mass Choir
"In The Name Of Jesus" Greg Roberts & Soulful Celebration
"One More Day" Mississippi Mass Choir
"Get Right Church" Chester D.T. Baldwin & the Music Ministry Mass
"Has Anybody Seen Love" Lisa McClendon
"Lift Him Up" Martha Munizzi
"Right Place" Jonathan Nelson
"Lift Jesus" GMWA Youth Mass Choir

Check out the BETA Page, yall for more coverage:

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