Monday, November 02, 2009

'Free Larry Langford' Begins

I smelt this one coming.

At the social networking web site Facebook, one proud Larry Langford supporter put their foot towards the threshing floor to start up a militant campaign of awareness to help free Larry Langford. Since the trial ended, the fan page --Free Larry Langford -- has welcomed a staggering following of over 3,000 members.

Since most of the former Jefferson County commissioners have all been persecuted and lost in the court of law - including Gary White, Mary Buckelew, Jeff Germany and Chris McNair - the next in line ended up being former Birmingham mayor and former Jefferson County commission president Larry Langford.

Two of the former commissioners (White, Buckelew) were white. The other two were black. Still a considerable number of black citizens in Birmingham rush to his aid crying out that the trial was racially motivated. The group's description states that "racism is still in effect, yes he may be have been wrong but those crackers r doing da same thang he was doin n gettin away with it." *

In his defense, over 3,377 Facebook members have joined the Fan page to express their love and admiration for the embattled mayor. Strange isn't it. Where was that super large support group when Frank "God's Gangster" Matthews and SCLC drum major Rev. Calvin Woods initiated a prayer rally the Sunday before his bribery trial? Only 33 supporters showed up.

Goes to show you Birmingham can sometimes be mostly all talk, very little action.

Check out the special key chain Mr. Matthews wants every Langford supporter to have.

*Apologizes for the bad grammar, but we quoted the text from the original fan page. Author's actual words.

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Wade said...

You're getting a keychain, right?


LOL. You are too funny man.

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