Thursday, November 12, 2009

Donnie McClurkin Faces Tears, More Controversy

In the charismatic climate of the Churches of God in Christ Holy Convocation, Pastor Donnie McClurkin once again addressed the cloudy and controversial nature of homosexuality - a subject that continues to give the popular gospel singer more and more media coverage. And things got even more graphic as he peculiarly opened the painful chapters of his past and his epiphanies concerning today's generation in front of thousands of youth and young adults at a youth service.

"I went to Mason's Temple and sat in the musicals." He then cried in displeasure, "No, no, no...Where are the fathers?"

An altar call towards deliverance, hearkened by McClurkin's anti-gay rants, opened the door for even more skepticism. Deliverance, a charming term used overtly and often times out of context, still worries theologians and modern Christians today. According to the "ex-gay" ministry Witness for the World's web site, they believe deliverance from homosexuality is a process. While the debate continues to loom with even larger interpretations in the church, homosexuality is widely encountered in the animal kingdom and is slowly pointing to its place of origin in the world of genetics. Ex-gay movements like Witness for the World still believe that a person can be delivered, or liberated totally, from homosexuality and lesbianism.

In the videos now streamed by thousands of visitors on YouTube, he openly addressed Tonex', the former gospel singer and urban R&B singer who spoke about his long-rumored sexuality. He even went on to compare homosexuals to the likes of vampires. Good gracious.

McClurkin recently spoke about his battle with homosexuality while also comparing his sexual urges to his medical diagnosis of diabetes. "I don't eat sugar, but it doesn't mean that I don't want sugar."

McClurkin also uttered with tears piercing his skin,"It's not the children's fault. We failed our boys...and girls. But today, Bishop Blake said this is the convocation of the turnaround. Today, the tables are about to turn and Satan is going to be destroyed over the lives of our young people."

So I guess in some supernatural way, since this is the year of the turnaround, gays and lesbians will cease to exist and less gays will congregate into the midnight musicals. Or maybe not.

In response to McClurkin's choice of words at the COGIC campmeeting, Yvette Flunder, pastor of City of Refuge Church and renowned gospel artist, stated in a Facebook journal entry:

"My deep concern is for those young people who are part of the COGIC and for their families who have now been driven deeper into the closet by experiences like this. The closet is a dangerous place, where theological, and physical self-abuse runs rampant."

Tell us about it, Yvette. It was the closet that made McClurkin what he was and what he still is.

Thanks Rod 2.0 for informing us about this one. You can read Rod McCullom's post on Donnie McClurkin's rants by clicking here.

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Simplysaved said...

What you cannot believe is that GOD can do what HE said in HIS WORD--make anyone that comes to Him a new creature--whether it takes a few years (in the process) or a few minutes (instantly). The reason the World doesn't take Christianity seriously is because professed Christians do not take the sacrifice of Jesus seriously. Do you think that Jesus was homosexual as well? I hope not.

What saddens me as a Child of God is that anyone who calls any sin out becomes target and fodder. This is not about perfection, this is about not making excuses for ANY SIN--that goes for you, me, and especially for those who preach the Gospel of Jesus.

This was my first time reading this blog and while I respect your right to voice your "opinions", but it is as if anyone who speaks of being delivered, healed, transformed, changed, from ANY SIN is held in question. What is wrong with this picture? Do we only share the Gospel of Jesus that speaks of love and forget what else scripture says?

Unless you have been molested by the same gender, you have not a clue about what it does to the mind. Only by the Grace of God was I kept from that path. I hurt for those who struggle with any addiction, especially sexual desires because it is very sensitive and complex and have worked professionally with those who have for many years, but I cannot say that there is ever a reason to compromise with God's Word!

beautifullyredeemed07 said...

Simplysaved, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I'm saddened by the clear bias in this article and others that I have read.

We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb (which has already been shed) and by the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY! I believe Pastor McClurkin should be commended for his transparency and boldness. Tonex, while he was indeed honest, was not "testifying." He justified his lifestyle -a lifestyle that does not coincide with biblical principals.


@ Simplysaved and beautifullyredemmed07:

Think about. Look at the altar call. All those young kids running to the altar seeking to be delivered from homosexuality. Now think about all those kids getting "outed" on YouTube and other Internet outlets. They are NOW out of the closet. It's sad that they now have to go back home to the scorn of the bloody plow of conservative bible teaching that believes they are going to hell. Regardless of what you both believe, being delievered from homosexuality isn't possible. Even McClurkin, the targeted messenger, knows that.

Gemini850 said...

My uncle was gay for many many years. He said he knew it when he was even little. He would dress in high heels and were his mom clothing..But his parents a pastor and a pastor wife didn't know anything about it. He was even married before and had 4 kids. He cheated on his wife with a men, and that's when he told his family. They already knew. They didn't like it, they are religious and believe it is a sin. his partner chuck died in 97 of AIDS, He had it too. He knew his partner had it, and that by having sex with him he would get it too, but he didn't care. In 2005 AIDS got worse, he had lesions on his face, he had to sleep in the bathroom floor cause he couldn't hold his bowl movements. His taste buds were all gone. He was weak. He had to sit on 2 pillows because his butt would hurt. The doctors (He went to three) said that his blood count was at 4. They didn't give him any meds, because they said it was too late. He look horriable, everyone thought he was gonna to die. His parents prayed everyday and night, but they told him to pray for himself. and he did, everyday, cause he was afraid too die. Idk when it happen, but he started to get better. Little by little. To shorten this up, let me jump to now. He is average weight, blood count is where it is suppose to be, those 3 docs can't find the AIDS virus any more, they sent him to a specialist, he couldn't find it. He can walk, eat do whatever. He has a job working on the base. His car, he has move out and he is also got married to a women in August. Yes, she knew about his past. But his past is his past. He says he don't have any urges to be with a men anymore. He said he is more than content with his wife. He has been AIDS free since 2007. He seems happier now. He is in the church a decan, and over sunday school.I said ALL that, too say this, He believes his sexual orientation has been overturn. He said when he was married before he hated it, and hated to have sex with his wife and was always lusting after men. He said he don't even see men in that light anymore. I believe that he don't like men anymore BUT he do still have gay tendecies, He still talk like a women sometimes, He still say things a gay men would,He even dance like a women IMO, But maybe that is just me being sterotypical. But he says he isn't gay anymore, Also if God can heal AIDS, I believe he can change someone's orientation.

Nzinga said...

@PRAYZEHYMN - he did not only call out for folks to get delivered from homosexuality, but from all perversions... i pray that those whose faces were seen are being covered in prayer that they may walk firmly in the deliverance they desired of God and live pure and holy lives before Him regardless of the obstacles thrown in their way from idiots who would try such things. deliverance is very possible because Jesus' blood washes ALL sin away.

eleutheros76 said...

I agree with you, J. Matt. COMPLETELY. Some of these so-called "christians" (lower-case on purpose) disgust me when they view the world through their "celebrity-worship" and their own homophobic bigotry. These kids are going to be messed up for years because people are listening to hypocrites like Donnie McClurkin and others. I also agree with Yvette Flunder's assessment. These youngsters aren't getting "delivered" from anything, but being pushed further in the closet, because instead of really dealing with their issues head-on, the church is demonizing them because of their very existance.

Someone needs to answer this question for me. If someone is "delivered", does that mean they change from gay to straight? Does it mean that they stop being attracted to the same gender and become attracted to the opposite sex? If Donnie McClurkin "still wants sugar", then let's be blunt: HE'S GAY!!! PERIOD. POINT BLANK. He MAY be celibate, but he's gay. I wish people would get their heads out of the sand like dumb ostriches and deal with this thing based on reality. Have any of these people defending Donnie EVER been gay? If not, then you have no idea of the many hours , days and years gay youth spend praying, crying, and hating themselves because of how the church treats them. If after all that praying and crying they are still gay, then what do you tell them? That they didn't pray enough? That God doesn't love them enough to allow them to escape hell? I find it dunny that people like simplysaved and beautiffullyredeemed07 can speak about "opinions" and "bias" while failing to recognize their own disgusting bias. So typical of today's narrow-minded, ignorant church-folk.

Holinessisright said...

I agree with Simplysaved.....To those who think that those kids can't be delivered need to read the word of God. Nothing is too hard for God!!!! I think too many people are focused on " now those that were standing at the altar are going to be ridiculed, talked about, etc" But, again God can deliver them. Let me say this, it's not the person it is a spirit within them, so the spirit is rebuked not them. What we as christians need to do is pray and allow God to do his job instead of talking about his children. Be careful who you put your mouth on. God is the only judge!

sister said...

Jesus was tempted 40 days and 40 nights. Just beacause a person is tempted doesnt mean he anything. Its when u act on temptation. Donnie loves God! Dont cast stones at him but pray for him. Pray that God will keep him until he sends him a wife. You cannot know what this man is dealing with unless youve gone through it.

Karen said...

Listen Prayzehymn and all those who are defending homosexuality. i believe that you really dont know God. God does not tolerated sin. There's no big sin nor little sin. And people speak out more about homosexuality now because its becoming a scourge. This chirstian life is not an easy one, when you give you life to Christ you have to fight a lot, fight with the devil, and every evil desire that you have the devil wants you to hold on to it and fools you into believing its ok. If Tonex and all the others who have already judged themselves and labelled thenselves homosexuals really want to be free instead of coming out of the closet they should desire deliverance and stop thinking God will just take away anything. He will only deliver us if we desire it, he is a gentleman he does not force himself on anyone. The world want us to accept homosexuality but true christians will not we will continue to stand for righteousness. We will not hate but we will be the righteousnesson God in this sinful world.


Wow, this thread is super old and you guys are still posting on it. Wow, well what can I say except cannot tell me I don't know God. I thought your statement was a bit over the line. Are you telling me that all homosexuals don't know God? Wow, that's a ludicrous statement if I heard of one. Well, you don't know my personal relationship with God nor my spiritual background...and what I do know is KAREN...I know you don't know me. And if you don't know me, you cannot tell me who and what I don't know.