Friday, July 06, 2007

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Okay people. Had to update the blog with sumthin' fresh. And lately, there's been a lot going on. Lots more in mainstream. Kelly Clarkson's latest project - the one Clive Davis dubbed as being "dark and dangerous" is getting bad press lately and may be the biggest sharpshooting disappointment this year from any of the Idol's superstars. Except if you wanna look at AI's Paris Bennett's indie-project - which contains a very low-budget and home-engineered beats. Mandisa is dropping her Contemporary Christian project, "True Beauty," next week...should be VERY exciting. Next!

Sorry if I'm comin' off too hard - but you know how I feel about obvious gospel artists trying to get CCM dollars.

Then there's the Kelly Rowland (Ms. Kelly) project - in stores now. AHotMess stated that the project is bound to sale 100K in its first week. We will see how she fairs out on Soundscan and Billboard when she's put up against T.I's new release.

Now for the gospel.
Somebody shout "GOSPEL!"

Richard Smallwood's project (Journey: Live In New York) drops in sales considerably. He placed number 6 this week , after debuting at number 1, on Billboard two weeks ago. In mainstream, dropping to number 6 isn't such a bad thing, but in a small genre like gospel, it hurts. Currently standing in the top spot on the gospel charts is the surprising Tyscot new release from Bishop Noel Jones' church choir. I don't ever remember a Tyscot release ever hitting the #1 this is incredible news for the small-yet-quickly expanding music label from Indianapolis. The Detroit crew - J Moss and the Clark Sisters - are still sitting in the Top 5. And R&B diva and icon Patti LaBelle tells Tye Tribbett and CCM artist Nicole Mullen to get outta my way as she sails back to number 8 this week with her on-fire gospel project. It's been an interesting week at Billboard in the gospel world for sure.

We are expecting to see Marvin Sapp hit the Top 5 for next week with his latest release, Thirsty. The album features new and recycled praise-and-worship music penned by a number of writers including Martha Munizzi, Jason Nelson and Jonathan Dunn. The former Commissioned singer sounds good on the project - and fits well in the worship stuff. Even though we prefer a diverse set of material on projects these days. Makes the world happy that way. Expect a full review at in days to come. Not much I say now about the new release - but I will reveal that even though it's nowhere close to the infectious Diary of A Psalmist - it is more rewarding than his last project, Be Exalted.

Now I'm off to my other job...and then to see Transformers at the movies. Hope 2 see you there.

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