Monday, July 16, 2007

Check Your Pastor

Have you been reading the headlines lately?

Not just national, but local?

The Los Angeles Catholic diocese will be releasing a record-breaking $660 million to victims of sexual abuse this week during a recent settlement. Even though the Archbishop head cardinal Roger Mahony publicly apologized for the 'sin and wrong' done to the victims, many are claiming, including the lead attorney for the victims, are claiming that the recent act of justice was "long overdue."

Heard about Pastor Joel Anthony Ward in Los Angeles, whom admitted to his church congregation that Tarshia Rodgers, the church's choir director, was pregnant with his child? Not only that, but she also has a restraining order on him due to violent threats he has delivered to her. Voice messages of his phone calls to her have been sent to multiple resources, including the local newspaper - the Los Angeles Wave. Sounds like something that was best suited for a motion picture.

And in Birmingham (AL) local news, local church hero and minister Pastor Gregory L. Clarke, pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, will be in federal court this week due to tax evasion and tax fraud totaling $40,000 dollars - including personal tax records and documents that somehow were altered and modified. Other black churches in the area are getting on television looking crazy - trying to defend him by saying he is innocent. One local minister, Pastor Stephen Green, stated if "he goes down, we all go down." I guess it's now alright to cheat on your taxes.

I'm tired of ministers and preachers that are trying to taint the Good News of our Christ with their personal affairs and misconduct. I hope you really really trust your pastor...because we are living in the last days. There are more fake prophets out there than those that are true. Don't be misguided...I don't care if that was your family church or if you and your pastor were roommates in college...if he or she is wrong, they are wrong. And they need to be punished for their senseless crimes with the same gavel of justice, just like you. Fair is fair.

I leave you with this question:
You better check your pastor.

*originally posted and recently modified by J. Matt (PRAYZE Place)

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