Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sisters In The Spirit Cancelled

After generating a big buzz on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) with a mega-concert featuring their headlining artists, the Sisters In The Spirit looked like it was going to be a major success. No word on why, but it seems that the ALW Entertainment’s Sisters In The Spirit tour has been cancelled. The only real reasons behind the shutdown of this R&B/CCM/gospel tour is there was a lack of sales (posted on For Birmingham's date, we felt that it was a bigger problem brewing behind the scenes since the original Birmingham date was moved a week after. No word hit the press as to why the date was changed, but it was evident that there was some turbulence on board. Come to find out: the sales of the concerts weren’t moving swiftly enough. Part of the problem may have been on the tardiness of getting the word out into the community. You got to get on the radio faster than that. Plus, even though there a number of big names on the bill and major drawing cards (Angie Stone, Shirley Caesar, Kelly Price, Dorinda Clark-Cole), you got to remember everyone isn’t a fan of every artist. And with artists coming from all kinds of directions, you would think that their respected fans would have supported them on this tour. Unfortunately, dates in Atlanta, New York City, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, D.C. and across the globe have been yanked from under their fans’ feet. Ticket-holders who paid by check or cash must return the tickets to the building of purchase to receive their refund. Those who paid by credit card will receive an automatic refund. At this present moment, ALW Entertainment has not released a press release regarding the matter nor have they updated their website about the tour cancellation.

ALW Entertainment

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