Thursday, February 22, 2007

Am I Ashamed...

The Tyra Banks Show is a fierce, edgy talk show that targets young women and those looking for beauty tips and success strategies from the bona-fide diva of runway. It shouldn't be a question of doubt in observing Tyra Banks' acclaim to fame and how she is proclaiming her place in this world. But every now and then, Banks calms down her talk show with serious issues and topics that affect us all. Yes, she has her Oprah moments - you can tell she has been really influenced by the real Queen of Talk.

But today, she opened the door for another conversation piece. Everyone is talking about the Thursday, February 22th episode, "Promiscuous Girls". The topic is racy enough, but hearing the guests proclaim their personal passion for sex and to flaunt their obsession across television like they did is a different story. It even set the show's host on edge.

But Tyra brings her personal life coach, renowned teleevangelist Co-Pastor Paula White, on board to also investigate and dissect the guests' issues and problems. Only problem here is it was almost if we were looking at another person. No mention of Jesus Christ, God, El Shaddai, Jehovah, Holy Spirit, the Word or anything associated with deliverance was brought up. You only wonder if we just put on an act in front of church-bound people, then get up in front of a different and larger audience to proclaim that we must find our "inner spirit". White mentioned her victory over sexual abuse as a child, the fear of failure and the loss of her father from committing suicide, but she never brought up her relationship to Christ - the very things she gladly pronounce in her pulpit or on her own show. Feels like even the biggest teleevangelists in the country, the ones we pay Sunday after Sunday, just may be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Still we do see the good of the show...the girls really needed help. Maybe Paula White may give them all a free book for a love gift of fifty dollars. But all is not lost. On Tyra Banks' message board, the responses ring with praise and adoration for Paula White's advice. Good going there.

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