Saturday, July 22, 2006

Worship Music Is A Fad?

You've heard it here first. But hear it from the First Lady of Praise and Worship, Dr. Judith Christie-McAllister as she deals with the hype around the popularity of modern praise and worship. Many music labels are now forcing their artists to follow in these paths; causing artists to change their style and image overnight. A special interview or (gospelcast) at caught our attention and truly deserves attention. Good questions asked...and great answers delivered. Another reason why we just love this awesome woman of God.

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link and look for the Judy interview.

The Gospelcast Page

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spiritual Enemas

OK. It's time to crack a good laff. After some painstaking research, we ran across a funny clip that sho'nuff needs to see the light of day. If you thought the "non-preaching brotha" and the "Holy Crap" clip was hilarious, wait 'til you see Mrs. Benny Hinn preaching under the "anointing". And yes, she pulls out the deep Jackie McCullough/Juanita Bynum/Suzie Owens gestures too. This one will have you running to the floor. Take my word for it.

Lord, I thank you for a sense of humor.

BTW, I know how to spell laugh. Remember, I'm from down-south.

Mrs. Benny Hinn (Reaplayer Video - 100k)
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Monday, July 17, 2006

The 9-10-11 Project

needs your help. We are looking for everyone...especially our supporters and help us out by donating to our money drive so that we can reach our 2006 budget. Our deadline is September 10, 2006 and our goal is to reach $1,100 dollars. An outline on this mission project has been outlined on the webpage. We have even set up an exclusive PayPal account so individuals can send their donations online. Whether you decide to give $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or even more...your support will aid us to accomplishing our longterm goals and help us in preserving gospel music and also to help cover the costs to keep PRAYZEHYMN around. Consider giving today.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Well, life is full of possiblities and aspirations, goals and excitements.
Actually, its full of alot of things. But every month at, we are hoping to focus on some very cool activities that makes a PRAYZEHYMN Life. I's so cliche' sounding. But trust me, it will catch on.

PRAYZEHYMN Life is just one of the newest features to be posted on the website and it covers an array of things including books, movies, television, gadgets, fashion, concerts, vacation & travel, food & cuisine and CDs. And since it is updated every month, it's almost like a mini-magazine. A magazine within a magazine. How cool is that?

BTW, you may want to be on the lookout for our soon-to-open PRAYZEHYMN Store. It is an extension of the PRAYZEHYMN Life. The buzz is circulating about the designs and the shirts.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Big Kiss Good Night

After the airing of the BET Music Awards '06, word leaked out quick. Very quick.

The star-studded extravaganza, hosted by comedian and actor Damon Wayans, featured a superstar list of special guest performances and mesmeric tributes to living legends. Amongst the performers were actor Jamie Foxx, newbie Chris Brown, R&B diva Mary J. Blige and rapper T.I. But this was only the beginning for what the award show had to offered.

Hailed as being "the best award show on cable", the BET Music Awards launched a heavy load of top-notch entertainment on its viewers with several keynote highlights. Prince stormed the stage with two performances: one taking place during the special tribute to the legendary Chaka Khan and the last being a cut from his new album release closing the show. Gospel's dynamic duo, Mary Mary, also blessed the audience with "Yesterday"; which was sung in tribute to those that were ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The emotional number left many eyes undried. Also, Chaka Khan joined in with an amazing ensemble including Stevie Wonder, Prince, India.Aire and Yolanda Adams on "I'm Every Woman". Interesting indeed. People are still creating a heavy buzz on Adams' musical contributions that night, in which she also sung "Sweet Thing". Her hardcore fan base may be upset over her choice to be a part of the soulful tribute, especially for singing risque' lyrics in "Sweet Thing". Could it be possible that Adams' could venture into mainstream R&B soon?

But all of that was just the topping of the cake. The headlining event focused on Jamie Foxx, in the middle of his call-and-response segment on "DJ Play Me A Song", surprise guest Fantasia joined the stage and delivered a passionate, lock-and-load tongue-kiss. The segment is now being hailed as one of the sweatiest smooches in music show history. We are not sure if Fantasia can recover from such a thing, but we are certain that still-single-and-ready-to-mingle Jamie Foxx can. Do not expect Fantasia to jump on a gospel project anytime soon.

Expect for BET to re-air the show in re-runs during the next couple of months. Definite highlights from the occasions are captured below.