Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spiritual Enemas

OK. It's time to crack a good laff. After some painstaking research, we ran across a funny clip that sho'nuff needs to see the light of day. If you thought the "non-preaching brotha" and the "Holy Crap" clip was hilarious, wait 'til you see Mrs. Benny Hinn preaching under the "anointing". And yes, she pulls out the deep Jackie McCullough/Juanita Bynum/Suzie Owens gestures too. This one will have you running to the floor. Take my word for it.

Lord, I thank you for a sense of humor.

BTW, I know how to spell laugh. Remember, I'm from down-south.

Mrs. Benny Hinn (Reaplayer Video - 100k)
Click here to view

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