Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's Not Just For The Ladies

You ever went to a club and heard the phrase "ladies get in for free"?

Well, that same statement probably could be used for Vickie Winans' upcoming and soon-to-be released two-CD project, "Woman To Woman: Songs of Life" on Verity Records. The album features alot of songs related to women: women issues, several mother's day tributes and much self-empowerment for the ladies, but there's a chunk of features that surely would bless the brothas as well. Sadly, it's not the album title.

"The album isn't only for women," Vickie Winans reveals as she deals with the uncomfortablity men may get from hearing the album title. "It's for women and the men who love them. This CD is for all women and men who have gone through the struggles of life. The songs really reach the soul! So "yes" is the answer to the question from the brothers who want to know if the CD is for them. Men, it’s for you too! Get one for your Mother, Grandma, Wife, Aunt, Sister, Niece, Daughter, or best friend!"

Songs like J.C. White's classic "Stretch Out", "The Rainbow" and "Waiting On Jesus" are sure to fire up the radio and prove to be heavy-hitters for this year, while urban-styled tracks like "Madly In Love" and "Go Go Praise" will electrify the young audiences. So brothas, don't feel too intimated with the album title. Look beyond it and witness the good that lies inside. We just only wished she made a second disc for the brothas...so we won't feel so bad. The album is produced by a list of big names including Rodney "Darkchild" Jenkins, Mario Winans and Steven Ford. "Woman To Woman: Songs of Life" drops on August 8.

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