Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back On The Air

We are sorry about the inconvenience last week regarding PRAYZEHYMNOnline.com.

The breakdown of the situation surrounds the financial strain we have been experiencing as of yet. Because of the webmaster's difficulties, there was no funds available to pay for the next month of web hosting - which meant that the site had to be temporarily discontinued. We were planning for
PRAYZEHYMNOnline.com to be shut down for approximately a month, but a close friend of the PRAYZEHYMN Fellowship decided to pay for one month. This turned out to be a great blessing - especially since the website reaches over 21,000 per month.

This also mean thats the 9-10-11 Project is even more crucial and important now. Without the contributions of our faithful friends and supporters like you, we could not exist nor could we fund this kind of work or achievement. The deadline to raise $1,100 dollars towards this critical project ends on September 10, 2006. Help us complete this assignment and show the devil that he's a liar.

Hopefully, if it is the Lord's Will, we won't have anymore "power outages" this year. Or in the years to come.

[THE 9-10-11 PROJECT, ETC.]

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