Friday, May 19, 2006

The Da Vinci Cold

*cough cough*

Seems like the church is having a good time trying to counterattack the Ron Howard' motion picture, "The Da Vinci Code"; slated to be hit the box office this weekend. Critics have bashed the film during its opening at the 59th Cannes Film Festival. Hisses and catcalls were tossed at the film when the credits rolled and help staged the film for national release with most of the public's disapproval. More trouble is coming from Christian groups in several countries, who are angry with the film's mix of fact and fiction involving Jesus Christ and Roman Catholicism.

Seems like people are coughing and sneezing to the mixed and controversial views and portrayals of Jesus Christ and the church. Christian networks and shows have spent a number of weeks preparing for the opening day of the film with their hours of criticizing and bashing of the film. Some are calm to state that the book is fiction and should not be taken serious: just mere entertainment. But in some cases, like below the Bible Belt, conservatives are not calm to catching this cold. They would rather stay home...except for those that are comfortable with just "mere entertainment".

Regardless of how the final outcome of this film goes, the expectations of the Da Vinci Code being one of the breakthrough films for the summer is definite. Sure to skyrocket to #1 at the Box Office - but we are wondering what will happen when the curtain goes up and the lights are no longer dimmed.


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SleeplessNKentucky said...

I say If you go and see it, that is up to the person.. but seeing something like this and being new to Christianity, due to some people falling for whatever they see or hear to me is not a good idea, I mean All anyone has to do that is true to GOD and HIS word is pick up the bible and read the truth and nothing but the truth..GOD will deal with the mockers and unbelievers in his own way