Sunday, May 28, 2006

Confessions On The Dance Floor

Just when you thought that gospel music was safe. Recently in Detroit, the latest news break seems to prove that even those led to do ministry aren't always the ones to totally trust. Ryan Baker is well known in Detroit church circles for his ministry of hip-hop dance and choreography and is known in gospel circles for performing on stage with gospel sensation Dorinda Clark-Cole. He can be seen dancing on her DVD presentation "Dorinda Clark-Cole Live" (GospoCentric) and has delivered presentations at conferences, concerts and with other big names in gospel music. The announcement of Baker being a confessed and convicted sexual pedophile sends an alarming message to the public and to the religious communities - about a disturbing pattern of poor self-control and unforgivable patterns of carnal hunger that tends to be a major hypocrisy to those whom passionate about their walk with God.

The announcement began to emerge to the surface when one woman, who didn't want to be identified, came to the public to confess her story regarding her involvement with the popular dancer. She knows Brother Baker and initially thought highly of him and his work. "It's like an anointing he has to touch people through his dance ministry, especially the kids because that's the kind of dance he does," she said.

The woman said she knows the dark and disturbing secret Brother Baker himself surely never mentions in church or anywhere else his interest in young boys like her 14-year-old son. "He made him take his clothes off and he fondled him," she said.

Baker admitted it almost immediately and repeated the confession in front of his parents and others from the church shortly thereafter. The woman said she went to the police a couple of days later, though she claims the church folks pressured her not to, to let them handle it.

According to the website, after their two-part exclusive on the breaking news, he was given supervision by a probation officer and was ordered not to perform in the company with minors. After Steve Wilson of WXYZ News (of Detroit) entered an investigation on him, he learned that he completely did the opposite. He performed at the Soul Train Music Awards. While on probabtion, which was in the company with other minors and after he was told not to leave the state of Michigan. and he continued to perform at local churches in the city of Detroit. Video tapes of him recently performing at those churches were even displayed in front of a perplexed Baker according to the news station, after Wilson of WXYZ confronted him in person. Since that incident, Baker has run across a dead end and was on his way to jail after he was caught for a second time violating his probation after he confessed to molesting a woman's 14-year old son.

That woman said, "He said when the Vaseline hit the bed, he realized what was going on and locked himself in the closet. He made him take his clothes off and he fondled him and he was in the process of penetrating him, but it didn't get to that point."

Baker's fine is pretty confusing to some, especially when you look at the severity of the issue. He got no jail time for the sexual assaults, but will do thirty days in jail for the violation of his probation and could possibly do two years in the pokey.

Pastor J. Drew Sheard of Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God In Christ (whom is married to gospel legend Karen Clark-Sheard - the sister of Dorinda Clark-Cole) spoke about the situation and was not aware of Baker's problems. He has also stated that Baker has not performed or ministered at his church since the news break.

Looks like Dorinda is going to need a new background dancer. But we prefer she sing without dancers. They just get in the way.



SleeplessNKentucky said...

I try to get here and read this when I can..but this caught my eye really quick being the mother of 3 kids.. I know that he is forgiven for what he has done...(if he asked for it), But Yes I agree he needs not to be around any kids if this is what he wants to do to them.. He was trying to be a role model, and a Dancer for Gospel music yet he has this sickness and yet he still wanted to share the same space these innocent kids are in.. Then this is when I have to ask.. What were you thinking? but, at the same time, I think we all know what he was thinking and he needs sometime away from all kids to think about what he has done or shall I say what he was going to do... this really saddens me even think about this.. I guess that is why I am around my kids all the time and I talk to them about this kind of mess that is out there....

Anonymous said...

What would Jesus Do?????!!!!!!!

Certainly, unfortunately this young man isn't the first and won't be the last!! Please know, I do have great concern and sympathy for the victim of this crime. I have seen this brother dance and he is excellent. However, I do not condone any kind of sin. I heard from a friend who watched the story on television that Ryan was in court, with what appeared to be without any support. Many of us Detroiters were shocked about Ryan, but where is the church’s stand in all this? Am I not my brother’s keeper? The bible says a man falls sever times and God yet forgives! He was shown in the courtroom with his lawyer only. There was no one on his side of the courtroom. BELIEVERS, do we just throw the boy away!! He needs deliverance and physical and emotional support!!!! How did the “body of believers”, filled with the Holy Spirit – the all-knowing God, not discern this brother’s problem?! I am praying for him and the entire body of Christ. I pray to God that whoever, including myself; is reading this is never exploited the way he has been. As for the victim; parents must be extremely prayerful, watchful, aware, and the best detectives to walk the face of this earth!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a single parent with an 11 year old son, and it is a full-time job watching and deciding his whereabouts!! God’s mercy endures forever and you or I don’t get to decide who gets mercy when, where, and how much!!! Thank God for Jesus!!!

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would he do this. Apart from the fact that he is confusing and messing up young boy's lives, he is giving the ministry a bad name and as hard as it is for gospel artist to make headway he bombards Evangelist cole with this mess. She should not have been displayed on TV like that in a negative light. This is nothing new, this sort of behavior has been going on in the COGIC church for years and it needs to be stopped, the church cannot handle it, because no one wants to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I have to agree with the first Anonymous' post. The Holy Spirit (and I a witness) will reveal to you some things, especially if the you have the gift of the discernment of spirits.

About the no one in court thing, I personally think that's a shame. Yes he's sinned but he is also a part of your flock...where were you?

I ask that all of you join me in praying for Ryan.