Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mega Goes Bigga

Living near Atlanta has its priviledges and advantages. Commercialism has its place on television and other media outlets (especially urban newspapers and news-related websites) and it's abig market, even for a city like Birmingham, AL. Goodness, the city only a hop, skip and jump from Atlanta. But recently a string of commercials have been targeted to the Southeastern portion of the U.S. coming from the supersized mega-ministry of Bishop T.D. Jakes; advertising his super convention better known as the Mega Fest. And in Birmingham, you can't escape hearing about this event. It's everywhere and on almost on every channel. Where does T.D. get the bucks to do this? Well, let's move on, shall we.

The event hosts dozens of events targeting various demographics. In fact, it deal with almost every facet of family and entertainment that it would take an Einstein to figure out what's missing. Jakes' popular events which include Woman Thou Art Loosed and Manpower will take place there along with a Women of Purpose Concert and Mega Youth Experience. And the sponsors have come out by the thousands. I mean that literally. Coca-Cola, Pine Sol, American Airlines, Bank of America, St. Joseph Hospital, Rolling Out Mag, Gospel Today Mag, even 20th Century Fox! Wowzers.

New events have been added this year which include a
Comedy Show hosted by Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner and J. Anthony Brown (also Rickey Smiley will be there). But it is the Women of Purpose Concert, a colossal event bringing on stage the "Who's Who" in music, that will definitely spark the greatest attention from church-folk to Saturday night club goers. Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan and Stephaine Mills headlines this one, while Martha Munizzi, Vickie Winans, Dottie Peoples, the Clark Sisters and Coretta Scott-King will bring on the joyous spiritual crunk juice. No confirmation yet if the Universoul Big Top Circus will be added in this year's line-up. There's even word that this year will feature a golf tournament!

With this kind of attention, especially with Chaka and Gladys in the mix, you kinda' wonder if people are gonna flock to da ATL this time around for the preaching or just to be swooned by the melodic vocals of those two divas. Hmmm. This kind of a festival is too large for some and to unbelievable to imagine. Just when you though this event couldn't get any bigger...

It takes place August 3-6, 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia at various venues including the Georgia Dome and the Phillips Arena.


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