Monday, July 04, 2005

In.DENT.pendence Day

Gosh, I never thought I would have to type this. A brotha' had to work today, basically because bills are popping up on a brotha. Which means I did it for a particular reason (if you wanna know, holiday pay). But a brotha also realized that the firework display, sponsored by Fox 6 News (which happens to be one of the best news stations in the Southeast and my favorite to watch). They call the annual celebration of fireworks and nostalgic patriotic music "Thunder On The Mountain". Shooting into the air for over thirty minutes some of the most colorful and spectacular fireworks over the years is the big treat, or in other terms, the Big Bang. Well this year it happened to be the Big Bust.

It didn't rain this year and there were no delays, in comparison to other years. But the show only lasted for a good twelve minutes; which was a devastating disappointment. And to make matters worse, the bulk of Birmingham's citizens had nothing else better to do on a Monday but all gather around Red Mountain to see the firework display. A huge disappointment. The show only featured a few good blasts and the rest were faded duds and a strong mix of pitiful colors and bleeding portrait of red, white and blue. Even the pretty purple colors were faded in most cases and were small in comparison to previous years.

Usually, the show blames it on bad weather for poor performances. I wonder who will get the blame this year. Will it be the taxpayers or Fox 6 News? Goodness, who knows.

Next year, the city better have sumthin' else going on besides me working on the 4th. Otherwise, I will be moving to my good ol' neighboring city, Atlanta, for dependable entertainment. All I asked for this year was at least a good show.

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Very Good on your constancy in updating your site! God loves you! I don't remember how I bumped into your site but....keep pressing towards holiness. God Bless